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    I am fortunate enough to live in Brisbane, where I have easy access to the Brisbane Jazz Club, one of the oldest and finest music clubs in Australia. BJC has several concerts and festivals throughout the year, including swing dancing with live music every Friday, the Oz Manouche gypsy jazz festival every November, and a live concert and dinner for New Years Eve. The club Is right on the river and the concert wraps up with the city's midnight fireworks display. What a treat!

    The evening started with a double set from Swing Manouche, a local gypsy jazz quintet. Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, accordion, double bass, and clarinet/tenor sax. They were all spectacular, but the lead guitar and the bass really stood out!

    Next was a great standards show by Oz Hornz, whose lead singer is also a burlesque performer. She was backed by trumpet, trombone, sax, piano, bass, and drums. Everything was great, from the selection of the tunes to the costume changes and the orchestration. Miss Mandy, the lead singer, must be in her 50s, but dancing has sure kept her looking sexy! Wowza! I enjoyed watching the trumpeter too. It's a small club and it was on the edge of too much horn, but it was great!

    Get out there and listen to live music! It doesn't have to be anybody famous to be a great time. And if you are ever in Brisbane, Check out the Jazz Club!




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    very nice to be in a place that has culture and music nearby --- I live in Upstate New York in the USA -- about 250 miles away from NYC. For theatre, big concerts, and stuff --- the nearest cities (Rochester and Syracuse) are about 80 miles away ---- so they are not next door, especially in the winter these 2 cities are "in the snow belt" and get lake effect snow from the Great Lakes --- meaning driving more or less is treacherous on any given day near them.

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