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    Jan 10, 2004
    Anyone have any experience playing for any of the NFL/AFL teams? Perhaps there is a story or two to share? I played for 21 years in the Packer Band. We were replaced by electronics in '97. Here's a good one for you;

    One of the newbie players showed up at a 20 degree game with only his polyester pants, dress shoes, an overcoat to cover his blazer, and gloves. I had snowmobile pants, LaCrosse boots with electric socks, insulated seat,etc.
    Anyway, he has to sit on a metal chair for 4 hours and he is getting cold so he periodically gets up and goes over to these BIG propane heaters and stands in front of them. They're nice if you are 2 feet away, but outside all the heat is gone very quickly.

    As the afternoon progressed he would get closer and closer as he got colder and colder until... He was holding his foot right up there to thaw and it starts smoking! Well he was watching the game, and his leg and foot, being frozen, didn't have much feeling left, so he didn't notice right away. Finally someone says "Uh, I think you're leg is on fire" and the guy looks down, lets out a yelp, and does the best dance you ever saw, jumping and clapping on his leg. It was kind of a demented Grand Old Opry scene.

    No serious harm was done to the player, but his poly pants had melted to his sock and his shoe was smoking.

    We all had trouble playing the next tune.

    Canned music was never that entertaining!

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