Nice Martin Imperial on Ebay+The Committee Member's Names

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lovevixen555, Nov 30, 2008.

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    Jan 20, 2008
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  2. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    you moderate the moderators and I take every single post seriously. Yes, I have the power to ban, but have never needed or anticipate needing it.

    I have a great disrespect for pseudo political correctness and if I take offense, I will say so without beating around the bush. I know that this is not everyones cup of tea, and I generally do not get carried away.

    I consider the original post to be a severe distortion of the Schilke greatness - and said so. If this thread turns into an argument about my style, I will moderate it. Attacks on my person, preferences or writing habits belong in the lounge not in a thread about trumpets.

    The title of this thread is: Nice Martin Imperial on Ebay+The Committee Member's Names. The post has little to do with that. I welcome any takers for bringing it back into perspective. There is a lot of history about the Committee, and none of it has anything to do with Schilke bouncing around, These were the most brilliant minds in American trumpet manufacture. The product is and should be legendary. That and any reference to "our fathers mistakes" or upgrading a horn in a garage in the same paragraph is VERY suspect or in my opinion nuts. Great things are possible in the confines of ones own home, bragging rights come AFTER a proper product has been produced and accepted.

    The real Martin Committee story can be found here: Committee.html

    and here:

    Martin Committee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The wiki report seems very plausible considering the light bracing scheme NOT used by Bach or Benge on any of their own instruments.
  3. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    If not for this being droped in my email I would not be writeing this now. It will be the last repsonce I give to this child like banter. If you want to appoligise I told you I will accept otherwise you just show your lack of proffesionlism and charcter. Jerk's are a dime a dozen and no matter how much your write it will not change the fact that my post was fine as it stood in the begining. Obviously the postion does not make the man since your job as moderator is to set the tone for the forum you moderate. You failed in a big way but instead of being a big man and doing what is right you want to try to rationalize your flying off the handle ill thought out responce. No one can make you do anything you do not wish to do and those in authority only have the power we give them. You have shown how badly power can be abused because you have the title "moderator". Even if you banned me everyone around the world that reads this forum has seen you for who you are. Now does one mistake ruin a man no it does not. What ruins a man and his credability is how he behaves after he has made a mistake.

    I am not world greatest trumpet player. I am not the worlds authority on all things trumpet triva or history related. I do try to be a honest upstanding man that leads fromt he front and set's the example by my actions not my words.

    I have not attacked you at all I have called attention your behavior and given you the chance to appoligise. I even agreed in advance to accept. Their is no new fact that you present about Schilikes that will make you come out on top. My post was not specificly about him did you miss that point? I am sure I pointed that out.

    I wish you best but I suspect the cat is out of the bag and any creadability you once had has droped a lot due to your actions and and your actions alone. Good Luck!;-)
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    Mar 21, 2006
  5. veery715

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    This is not written in Rowuk's defense. He knows more about trumpets and their design and evolution than most of the rest of us put together.
    It is most definitely NOT the moderator's role to set the tone of a forum. The internet forum is a dynamic and vibrant medium, which draws its vitality from the posts of the hundreds or thousands of members that are its participants. As a method of exchanging information it has no parallel in all of history, and ground is broken daily by the various kinds of sharing of info, photos, youtubes, music mp3s, and complete publications in PDF form. There is no ceiling and no floor here, and no walls either. What we share and the form and function of the content that is shared, goes beyond anything which could have been visualized a mere 20 years ago. As it grows, so do we.
    The moderator's task is to help keep the forum civil, and to help it stay on track, for with so many contributors it gets easily diverted from the subject of the OP. It is a job which doesn't call for heavy-handedness. Rather a deft, and tolerant touch is needed. Tone is set by the participants, the OP initially, and the widely varied responses of the rest of us.

    It wasn't a slap in the face, lovevixen555. Don't take it so seriously. If the ideas of your intial post are important to you, then let's get back to them and forget the petty squabbling.
  6. Bill McCloskey

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    Apr 22, 2007

    Okay...I never say this. I actually dislike the spelling and grammar police and I've been known to make a number of mistakes myself, but....

    Your posts would be much more readable if you could run them through a spell check. I find that your spelling and grammar mistakes really make it hard for me to read and follow your posts. For instance usually the letter "e" is dropped when attaching an "ing" i.e. writing, not writeing.

    Anyway, I don't believe the moderator was insulting you, certainly not to the extent that would warrant your response. Again, I implore you to go ahead and build what you want. No one is stopping you.
  7. bilboinsa

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    Jan 24, 2006
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    But, I think Schilke was a trumpet maestro, yes?

    And FWIW, "there". "There"! It's t-h-e-r-e.

    Oh no! I'm sitting at the computer in my underwear!!!
  8. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    Can we get back to Martins or Schilkes please?
  9. ChaseFan

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    Mar 25, 2008
    The point is that there is a clear double standard here in Trumpet Master.

    If a "regular Joe" here calls someone a "jerk", then the moderators (and the administrator) warn that person that he is violating the site rules which forbid personal insults and attacks.

    But when moderator Rowuk calls someone a "jerk", then Rowuk is considered an eccentric genius who is crusading for truth.

    If my father publicly tells a Resident Artist here that the Resident Artist is acting like a jerk, then my father is publicly denounced and then banned from Trumpet Master.

    But if Rowuk publicly calls my father a jerk (last year), then Rowuk proudly claims that he is acting as a champion for truth against political correctness.

    Why is it OK for Rowuk to be an arrogant, insulting hot-head, when such behavior is not tolerated from "regular Joe's" here?
    Because Rowuk is a moderator, and moderators don't have to follow the rules.
    It is the old "Law is King" versus "King is Law" distinction.
    Rowuk doesn't have to follow the law, because Rowuk is the law.

    Rowuk is intelligent and knowledgeable?
    Too bad he has to ruin it by also acting like an arrogant, insulting hot-head so much of the time (such as when he publicly told a poor 15 year old kid last year that his playing was garbage and that he shouldn't post garbage like that in this site because it wastes our valuable time).
    And I am not the first person who has said that about Rowuk.

  10. veery715

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    Mar 6, 2007
    Ithaca NY
    Sorry, Robin, my last post on this.

    No one (except you, Dean) used the word jerk in this thread. It appears that you are embarked on a personal crusade here which wasn't justified by the initial exchange between the OP and Rowuk. You seized on this as an opportunity to bash Rowuk for previous exchanges you feel went beyond what is appropriate for him as a moderator. You obviously have an ax to grind and your father is either unwillilng or unable to grind his own. But it is unfair to all of us for you to drag us into your personal issues regarding Rowuk. I'd guess you are POed enough that only the slightest transgression perceived by you would release all your pent-up feelings about Rowuk. Is he perfect? Ha! That is an ephemeral concept and we all know it. Has he blown (no pun intended) it sometimes? Of course. Is it worth all the energy you are pouring into it now? My guess is no.

    You'd be better off letting it go, and putting that energy into your music.
    I'll be out in my garage, Veery.

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