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    I have mentioned in the past a gentleman named "Nick Drozdoff". Nick lives in Chicago where he gigs around with several different groups. His name is not "widely known" but his skills certainly don't give reason for him to be obscure.

    For various reasons, Nick now is a physics teacher with a Masters Degree in Physics... but he used to play second book with the Maynard Ferguson band and MUSIC is his passion.

    In recent weeks Nick has decided to lay out some of the pitfalls and perils of professional playing. He has created a BLOG in which his story is being added to in chronological fashion. (Those of you not used to BLOGs should be advised to start reading the LAST STORY FIRST!) FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MAY BE CONSIDERING A CAREER AS A PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN THIS IS A MUST READ! For those of you who are simply curious about what it can be like to be a pro musician, this is a highly recommended read. For those of you who can't read.... go watch that video of JJ's "show" again.

    Nick also records himself in a home studio; he has several CD's out including one titled "Junkyard Brass" in which he plays ALL of the instruments (an entire one-man brass band). It is rather amazing. Nick also puts his music up on the web to be listened to for free at Ampcast. The link for this is .

    For those of you who may be considering a new trumpet, Nick has received a new 'Chicago Brassworks" trumpet by Wayne Tanabe of "Brass Bow" in Chicago.

    With his combination of being a dang good trumpet player AND a Physics major, it is to be expected that he has a pretty good command of how a trumpet works. On his own website (not the BLOG site) he has presented his knowledge in this direction.

    I present this information for general reading not to "advertise nor promote" Nick...but to draw attention to the fact that there are a great many more MUSICIANS out there than what the average "Joe" recognizes.

    If one person finds that they enjoy these links, then my goal in posting is accomplished.


    Edit: Nick corrected me in that he played SECOND book in MF's group. Sorry 'bout that.

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