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    The optician can place whatever correction you need to see the music almost anywhere on the lens surface. Whatever you do it's unlikely that you will be able to get away with one pair of glasses. I would consider possible laser vision correction. It's expensive(although it has come down considerably in price), but you will still need single vision correction glasses.
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    Jan 25, 2009
    Well, whoever you are, you sure are a great satirical writer! Tell tedh that he can wake up now!
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    I tried those progressive lenses a couple of years ago and couldn't use them while playing, for the same reasons others have given. I went back and got a prescription for lenses that focused well at music stand distance, and bought a pair of glasses with those. Works great, but now I'm one of those people who has to change their glasses before they play. You can't play it if you can't see it, though...;-)
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    Ah, the wonderful world of progressive (no line) lenses. I used to work in the optical industry and I remember when progressives first came out. Some think that progressives came about because of vanity. Vain people just didn't want others knowing they were wearing bifocals. So, progressives quickly became popular since there was no visible line and nobody could tell you had bifocals. The main problem was something called the "channel". The channel was a small area right in the lower center of the lens and, to see clearly, you had to look through that small area. From that, the advice to progressive wearers was to point your nose wherever you want to see. Over the years, the channel has gotten larger but it's still a "point your nose" situation. Forget about trying any peripheral vision with these things. Frankly, I know of no perfect solution. Like many others, I have had a straight reading glass prescription made up based on my typical distance in reading music. This works fine but looking out at a blurry audience is a real pain. The other thing our aging eyes need is more light. I always have my Mighty Bright Duet 2 stand light in the case. It has saved me many times. --Ken B.
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    I thought I was the only guy with the light trouble. The music actually gets clearer when I use the stand light. Even at home in a lit room, I use a stand light.
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    Single vision (similar to so-called computer glasses) is the way to go. I'm getting an exam this week. I'm taking a stand and music with me to show the optomitrist exactly what I need.
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    The light brightens up that "heavy" Monette sound and then you THINK that everything looks sharper!
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    It's the bell that blocks the light.:)
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    Now we're getting somewhere - polished inner bell reflects all the light on to the music, and you can focus the light by pointing the trumpet to the front - seriously though, as you age the light just has to be brighter. When I'm marching pre-dawn (ANZAC Day) then I have a lyre light. I have also been known to take a light on a stand to a gig and place it in the wings bathing the trumpet line music stands in light - one of our venues has rather poor overhead lighting and if the "follow spots" are on then I don't stand a chance. The kids in the band give me a fair bit of gyp over the need for lights, I just remind them that I am "showing them their future" SO LEARN THE MUSIC I shout at them. My younger brother plays bagpipes and has to learn all his music (hmmm perhaps that's why all their tunes sound a bit off and trumpets sound so 'pretty' ? :dontknow:) ROFL

    (Ted's awake now.):-P
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    Has anyone noticed that when I get really stupid and clutter up TM with my nonesense, ROWUK comes almost immediately to the rescue by crafting and posting something so blindingly intelligent that my post looks, in contrast, extra stupid.

    How carefully clever that ROWUK is - sort of like my own personal straight man - cool. ;-)

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