No Man Is An Island - 4th tune up today - Waltz for Natalia

Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by NickD, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. NickD

    NickD Forte User

    DISCLAIMER: This post is about promoting my new project. If you DON'T post a reply, I can delete it after the fact, when it seems appropriate to do so. However, once replies have been made I can't delete it and it then takes up server space indefinitely. I leave it to you.

    EDIT: I've added the sencond tune, As A Gnome Ran, at the bottom of this post. You are are welcome to check it out.

    Since I left the road and began working as a free-lancer in the Chicago area, I have been harboring a dream since the days of the Brothers Drozdoff. That is to record my music and share it. A sub-dream inextricably attached to it is to create a recording company dedicated to exposing the fabulous talent that I encounter in the trenches of jobbing/casuals. These musicians are working in party, wedding and jobbing bands doing thankless work for a clientele that is more often than not indifferent at best to their remarkable talents. These people are world class and deserve a real audience.

    OK, the way things have evolved aren't exactly the way I would have had them work out, but the effect is exactly what I have been longing for! I must be humbly grateful for that. I am in the process of recording an extended CD of my music featuring real live musicians from the environment I work in.

    The name of the CD is going to be "No Man Is An Island." I think you'll all get the point, here.

    The first crew are the following:

    Drums: Larry Beers
    Bass: Greg Barone
    Guitar: David Dorsett
    Trumpet: yours truly, Nick Drozdoff

    The first tune I just posted is called "Blueness." It is a minor blues, heavily altered with an interlude. I play the head. Dave plays the first solo - an amazing work of soulful self-expression. I then come in with my solo and play the head out. On the spur of the moment I decided to open the chart with a brief cadenza by Greg. Larry's entire drum part is essentially a giant solo in and of itself.

    This tune is an emotional one for me. I'll leave it at that. These three musicians fleshed it out better then I could have ever imagined. You'll be hearing more from them.

    I've also posted a fun tune based on the old New Orleans groove known as a hambone. The tune is called As A Gnome Ran and is essentailly a strange form blues.

    This project will feature MANY more musicians. This ensemble is the heart and soul - the engine - of the Larry Eckerling party band. I'll be tapping many more of my comrades in arms.

    As a final note, I want to offer a special debt of gratitude to Felix Vayser of the New York Trumpet Company. As many of you know, I am now a NYTC endorsing artist. Felix's contributions to my efforts are invaluable. He will be listed as a sponsor on the CD when it is formally released. I'll keep you all posted.

    Here is the link to Blueness and As A Gnome Ran, which are exclusively at for a limited but indefinite period of time. Feel free to download (for free) in the time being.

    I hope there is something here that can touch you. That is, ultimately my motivation.


  2. NYTC

    NYTC Forte User

    Nov 1, 2004
    When do I get this CD?
    WOW :thumbsup:
    Are you going to do an album?
  3. NickD

    NickD Forte User

    I did a remix...

    The first two tunes have been remixed with Neil Artwick added on keyboards. I think they are much improved. I not quite done done with the mix here, but I'm pretty close, so these are not downloadable. I'll leave them up for a little while, though. I hope to get a couple more sessions in here in the next tow weekends.

    As A Gnome Ran Remixed

    Blueness Remixed



  4. NickD

    NickD Forte User

    A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

    I just uploaded for streaming only (no downloads) the next tune I've completed for my Cd project. This is A Nightengale Sang In Berkeley Square, the old torch song. This is just a trumpet and piano duet, and is intended as interlude on my this project (there will be two on the CD when it done - this one is mellow, the other will be funk).

    This feautres my dear friend and fomer lab partner, Bob Applebaum, a brilliant jazz pianist. Bob also laid down the tracks for the next tune that will appear, "Waltz for Natalia," an erie little jazz waltz I am dedicating to my daughter.

    Here is the link for Nightingale. I hope you like it.

    Enjoy! Peace!

  5. BPinard

    BPinard Pianissimo User

    Jun 14, 2005
    Setauket, NY
    Blueness is a beautiful tune.

    As A Gnome Ran reminds me of New Orleans-style funk.

    VERY well done!

    I hope you're coming out with a CD soon! :-)

    Keep us all posted.
  6. Solar Bell

    Solar Bell Moderator Staff Member

    May 11, 2005
    Metro Detroit
    "A Nightingale Sang In Barclay Square"

    Nice job on one of my favorite ballads!


  7. old geezer

    old geezer Pianissimo User

    Dec 26, 2004
    beautiful - Please let us know when the cd comes out. old geezer Dave
  8. Tootsall

    Tootsall Fortissimo User

    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Incredible job,Nick. Ever since I first got pointed towards your stuff I've enjoyed Nightingale. Even more impressive, however (in my own opinion) is what you did with La Grace.... now THAT is some playing!

    Check out all of Nick's clips; there is even a lot of stuff still over on . You just have to search under "Drozdoff" to find it all.

    Nick... have you any plans to repost or reissue "Junkyard Brass"?
  9. NYTC

    NYTC Forte User

    Nov 1, 2004
    Amazing job!!!!!!!
    Can't wait untill the CD comes out.

    Toots,you want "Junkyard Brass"?


    ALLCHOPS Piano User

    Nov 14, 2003
    Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
    Great job Nick! I can't wait until January!!!

    Tony G

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