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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Satchmo Brecker, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    satchmo sez:
    Now if I can only convince my wife that practicing trumpet counts as exercise! Maybe she wouldn't bug me so much about the rest of my couch potato lifestyle
    Trumpet is more like yoga, not yogurt.
    Get active. The longer you live, the longer you get to play.
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    Sep 10, 2009
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    When I was in high school, there was no call for extremely high notes, and Bill Chase, Doc Severenson and Maynard Ferguson were the few who were well known among us. Some toyed with it as this was expected if you wanted to be in the trumpet line at Jacksonville State University. I went to Auburn (soon-to-be national champions) and played the banjo.
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    Jan 4, 2009
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    To a certain extent, I wish there wasn't so many high note songs when I was in high school. By the time I was a senior, the jazz band was performing around 30 songs with half of them being MF tunes with me playing the lead. While I spent every waking moment dipped in Ferguson, other elements of my playing were neglected.
    While I wouldn't give up the ability to play in the upper register, I just wish my band director wasn't such a pinhead. As a kid, I had to play whatever the band director passed out. A dig this, he was a trumpet player!
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    hope this helps,
    an average of 3 hrs a day for the last 24 months. I had quit trumpet for 7yrs, so my comeback is like this -- I can "HIT" DHC just about anyday -- and sometimes the E above that -- that is right - "hit" them.

    My "musicality" range is more like the G above High C -- and that is a few lines of play with plenty of rest between.
    and with other stuff -- tonguing and crescendo decrescendo -- that goes down to the D above High C

    So - wow! - I can pop out an E above DHC every 3rd day or so, but will I be able to "play" the theme to Rocky -"Gonna Fly Now" in 3 octaves on my Jan. 29th gig??? that should end on that E above DHC?? --- maybe very softly, or maybe not

    Then there is the whole question of confidence --can I pull the trigger in front of an audience?? Even if it is soft and weak?? Or should I even try to??? -- I have so many questions -- and so few answers.

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