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Discussion in 'Horns' started by tptdoofus, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. tptdoofus

    tptdoofus New Friend

    Mar 23, 2004
    Somerset, KY
    Just checked the online program for the ITG in Denver and didn't see any mention of Wild Thing Trumpets as exhibitors this year. Is this correct? Will really miss seeing the whole line of horns and mouthpieces and shaking your hand again, Flip.
  2. Flip Oakes

    Flip Oakes New Friend

    Nov 9, 2003
    Oceanside, CA USA
    I'm not going this year to Denver, or next year to Thailand.

    I came to that conclusion after thinking about Denver being over 5500' and I
    would only get approx. 85% of the oxygen that I would get compared to at sea
    level. Most players perhaps may find it somewhat more difficult to play up
    there, and they won't get the sound even from their own horns that they are
    accustomed to hearing. It may be difficult in making a decision while trying
    other trumpets as well. So in my own personal thoughts or opinions, it could
    be that Denver could be more of a detriment, then a positive experience, for
    players not accustomed to playing at those altitudes. It takes a week or so,
    for me to get acclimated to those altitudes. I usually personally play a
    couple of Jazz festivals each year in the mountains, and most of the
    musicians have a terrible time playing. However in the past it really didn't
    bothered me that much, but since my health issue, I'm not sure how it will
    effect me either. In July, I have a Jazz Festival I'm playing in Mammoth
    Lakes Ca. and it's at 8500'. I hope I can play it without to many problems.
    If I have too many problems, I'll just have to leave early, as much as I
    would hate to.

    I do also realize hopefully that there will be some players, such
    as Don Herman or aka, "Wild Don" that are from the Denver area that will
    have no problems at all, and I'm really going to miss meeting him.

    At the ITG last year, I met some great guys and, I was really looking
    forward to going to Denver. However after considering all that's gone on in
    my life this year with me, I finally decided it may be best for me not to go
    this time. I sincerely hope that you all have a great time, and that the
    altitude doesn't bother anyone. A couple of suggestions I could make is to
    drink a lot of water, and ONLY if you CAN, as I'm not a MD, but for me
    personally, I have found that taking aspirin helps in reducing the swelling
    of the chops from the lack of oxygen in the mountains.

    I do hope to attend other ITG meetings in the years to come.

    Have Fun !! And Be Safe !!

    Flip Oakes

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