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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by CalebWayne, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Jan 5, 2006
    I think it's a little concerning that he's judging your playing chops by how they look. I think one of the most relevant times the old "Never judge a book by its cover" saying applies is when we're talking about brass embouchure. They don't all look the same, but different people can make different things work for them and with that being the case, you should judge it on what it can do and not how it looks.

    This professor isn't really inspiring confidence in me.
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    Oct 19, 2010
    I agree. Are you having problems with your endurance? Range (well, sure, we all want more)? Tone? An embouchure change is a real big deal, and you should have a big reason for doing it. I don't think a red mark is reason enough. And if you major in trumpet, you're going to spend alot of time with this guy - better find out more about him and his other pupils. Best of Luck!
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    My range on a good day is a double G and I've been complimented constantly on a "beautiful" tone quality. So it doesn't seem like either of those are being affected dramatically. The only problem I can run into on occasion is fatigue.
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    Mar 5, 2010
    Double-high G; beautiful tone; occasional fatigue. Hmmm, I believe some "lightweight" named Harry James had similar difficulties from time to time.
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    CalebWayne - congrats on the far.
    As others have NOT get discouraged by what you're told by a prof. (They're like doctors...sometimes they think they are god).

    Mouthpieces are just like shoes...its a FIT. While the depth of the cup affects the tone, the diameter of the cup is MORE like fitting a shoe. Just because a prof or anyone says "You need a size 8"...well and good...try it...but its your foot/face.

    I'd suggest, IF possible, getting to a large store or contacting one of the m/p makers, Stork, Marcinkiewicz, etc. (there are LOTS of them referenced in these web pages over the years...for a huge listing-go check out "Mouthpiece Express" (I'm NOT saying "buy" from there, just use their website as a reference).

    You literally need to "try on" m/p. I was lucky enough to sit down with a Marcinkiewicz guy at a past ITG conference (these guys are all AT the various conferences) and between his "suggestions" as to fit, and my test-play (over some period of time) I must have test-played 15-20 m/p to find my "best fit". That selected m/p is now my "standard/base" m/p. I use other ones on occasion, but...the size of that m/p is my "base". I can vary its width a hair here & there for other company's m/p...but I now HAVE my shoe size, so to speak. ( can usually cross-relate one m/p to another firm's via websites to "see" that Company A's # 3 is/or is close to Company B's #5 (or whatever).

    But...the hard part is you NEED a "range" of them...and...

    having said all that...WHILE you are in the MIDST of this audition process...don't mess with a thing (they keep calling you back...that's good)...wait til this process ends, as even shifting over to an "excellent fit" m/p will screw you up a bit for awhile, as you get used to it.

    For instance, I started on an Olds 3 that came with my ancient horn. Then shifted over to a Bach 7 (cause that's what everybody else played). Then...for allegedly "higher range", I jumped over to a Schilke 15A4A and I guess "force fit" it for years, as I definitely used it, but WHEN I got "really fitted" by the Marcink guy...its like a good shoe just slid on.

    best of luck.

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    Hi CalebWayne,

    First of all it's not your mouthpiece size,no matter what size you try, you will always put the mouthpiece in the same place on your lips. I don't believe those mouthpiece charts for different sized lips either. They say big lips use large diameters and thin lips small diameters,if this were true ,all symphonic players would have to have big lips in order to play on large symphonic mouthpieces.

    The problem seems to be the prof's,not yours .
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