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Discussion in 'Horns' started by ImprovBeast, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. ImprovBeast

    ImprovBeast New Friend

    Nov 24, 2003
    Man, I tried out a Callet Jazz and was blown away! It played a little to tight for me, but intonation, response and valve action rocked my world!!
    Seems to me like these things should be everywere, especially in the hands of jazz players. I think it plays alot better that the Holton MF, and Yamaha Z horn.

    I was also impressed that the valves, and slides on the callet were tighter than the Bach and the older Yamaha in the section. (I like to try out every ones horn... If they'll let me)

    I think I know what it is. That kooky embechure! I'm not saying it bad but it probably turns alot of people away.

    Anyways, whatta ya think?

  2. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee Piano User

    Oct 24, 2003
    Rochester, NY
    Hi, Mario!

    Yes, the Callet Jazz is a very nice horn! You will find suble differences from horn to horn. That could be caused by an improper gap, or slight varation in the venturi, or even by a mouthpiece with a worn shank, or one that isn't a good "match" to the horn. Without these factors providing the right "feel", or balance, for the player. We CAN feel differences as small as .0002" in our equipment. So, it's important to consider ALL of these factors when choosing a trumpet.

    Callet trumpets, mouthpieces, and the Superchops embouchure may not, as a "collective" entity, work for everyone. However, one or two of those components may be very effective "tools of the trade" for a much larger number of people. No one can fault Jerry Callet for having enthusiasm for his products, or deny him that accomplishment. I would say that it is extremely rare for one person to have the entrepreneurial capacity to offer ALL three "products" to trumpet players. Who wouldn't love to be able to boast that? It doesn't sound all that "kooky", when everything is put into perspective. :)

    Best always,

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