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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by JoeCool, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Hi Joe. It`s normal for even the most extreme high note
    freaks to get smaller in sound as they get higher. This cut off point as I call it is normally between high G and B flat. Some players can play flat out to these notes but no higher, players that can play higher diminish in volume the higher they play. (They only sound loud because of the range they are playing in, not the volume they are playing at!) Whatever your goals are on the trumpet, remember that you are a musician. Al Porcino once said ``play big, not loud`` I hope this helps. remember, trying to imitate a jumbo jet taking off has no place in music! P.S. take a look at Arnold Jacobs`
    book `song and wind` (wind song press) some useful tips, not just on high playing!
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    I have been known to play my fair share of those notes. All I have been doing is going up the scale (example, G maj OR min - switch it up) until I hit the desired note I am trying to perfect. Once I am on that note I hold it and then I DO NOT focus on the note any longer. I then put all my focus on relaxing my body while still supporting the note with my diaphragm. The first step to that is I drop my sholders (this is all while holding the note). Once I am fully relaxed, I try to give it that little extra push (not too much as you may find yourself applying more tension). Then I try to diminish in volume until the sound stops. I do this a couple times and every time I try to pump up the volume a little more. But every time I up the volume I try to hold on to the note as long as I can after diminishing.

    now in point form ;)

    1. I pick a note (G) and play the scale up to that note
    2. I then forget about the note for the time being and focus on being 100% relaxed
    3. Once I am relaxed, I give it a little more volume (you will find this easier once you are relaxed)
    4. I then diminish until the note stops
    5. Do this a couple times and add to the cresendo and decresendo each time

    I hope this helps
    Eric Sproul
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