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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by oldgit, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Well they should do the trick.

    Not trying to be presumptuous but I don't know your past so I mean no disprespect when I ask, that you've heard or been taught the difference between daaahh (low tongue placement, lower tones, more air) and eeeehhh (higher tongue placement, higher velocity air stream and less air)?

    Try speaking these in long tones and notice how your tongue and jaw adjust. Then try playing them in an interval, say low C to E. daaaahh, eeehh, dahhh, eeeehh slowly.

    Over pronounce them a little to make the muscle memory kick in. It's such a simple sounding excercise, but actually takes a lot of practise to do properly. Probably 99% of horn players don't bother doing it long enough. Look at it kind've like the Karate Kid "wax on" wax off" technique.
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    Jun 16, 2010
    Since you're in your first year I wouldn't call this a problem.

    Really, all I would suggest is to make sure you do NOT change your lip position at all when going into the lower register. Just loosen/relax your embouchure a bit as you go down as the others have suggested. Also I do not suggest practicing leaping in and out of very low notes, as that's for more experienced players.

    If you cannot do a slurred chromatic down to the low F# right now without pinching, I would just practice going down as low as you can in the proper manner, playing stepwise. Maybe do this for a couple minutes each day. Just a very small amount each day makes a big difference. Just make sure you focus most of your practice in the COMFORTABLE range. Also, I would suggest listening to good trumpet players regularly so you can start "envisioning" the sound as you play, which will greatly aid your progress. I can't think of any good pieces off hand that are full of low notes, besides Bizet's Carmen, that low trumpet section, but I think any good trumpet listening will do.
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    Aug 5, 2009
    In fact I'd call it a good situation. At least you recognize and seek out answers. That's a very good sign!!

    This may sound strange but, you progress just like a stock chart. One day up one day you'll get frustrated, but over time your general slope is positive and upward.
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    All the advice that I've seen is good. It is easy to over complicate lip,tongue,teeth,jaw,airflow etc.. Kinda like telling a first time golfer the 17 things he needs to think about as he is striking the ball. I would offer that you experiment and make it fun. You're not going to hurt your lips or the horn for sure. Relax your lips and just make as low a tone as you can. Do it a few times and then try to get more volume ( louder ) on your note. I think of the amount of air that I use to play the middle C is about what you would use to blow out a candle that is 9 inches away. Hope I haven't added any confusion to the advice you're getting from everyone.
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    You have checked you horn for leaks, right? Your water key cork can be a leak source.
    There is a ton of good advise here which I agree with.
    a few other things
    make sure you rest as much as you play ... play an 8 bar exercise ... rest..lip off the horn. If you are over playing your lips will tighten up.
    When I was first learning my instructor had me play certain interval exercises stacotto into a music stand so I could hear my attack. It did wonders for my tone and register. Just something to add into your practice routine.
    keep us posted.
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    Hi guys have been having a bit of a workout and think i am making progress, i know it will take me a while but i can get it about right but need to lock that in so its instant and that will take a while. Think i was a bit to relaxed looking in the mirror going low i was loosing the corners of the mouth and any control. tightening that just a bit and relaxing the middle has helped the sound. i cant go quite as low but the sound is better, more focused.
    thanks again for the advice.

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