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    Nov 5, 2003
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    I was thinking it would be interesting if you could comment on how you've seen NYC grow during your time there, and also your favorite and least favorite aspects. It's very rare that a player gets to make a living in an area with as much competition as New York, so essentially, I suppose I'm asking what life is like in such an area. My apologies if this is too broad of a subject :-) Thanks
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    Nov 19, 2003
    This is a great starting point.
    I came to NYC in the winter of 1970. Things were jumping in the music business. Lots of jingles,recordings and live work was available.

    Let's look at Broadway then as compared to now.
    The first difference in the pit is that there was a pit that was visible to the public. Musicians dressed in tuxedoes or suits, not like ninjas. Few, if any, mikes were in the pit. The only electrified instrument was the guitar. The stage was not heavily miked, the actors projected.
    The first hit show I played was "A Little Night Music." One mike for the woodwinds AND brass, one mike for the cello soloist.
    Today the pit is so low that the musicians see only the feet of the audience, if they're lucky. Orchestras are sometimes in a different part of the theater. The audience is informed that there are live musicians by a picture of the musicians in the lobby :evil:
    Broadway used to thrill me, now it's boring.

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