NYTC Chicago Minifest(feast) reviews

Discussion in 'Horns' started by topo3man, Oct 2, 2005.

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    Jun 24, 2005
    Wilmington, DE
    OK, I'm in the eastern time zone but the NYTC minifest should be coming to a close. What's the verdict for all of us that don't have access to Eclipse, Taylor, Fides, Stage 1....... Any compare and contrasts? What are your opinions of these incredible horns?
  2. NickD

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    It was a great day!!!

    We had a lovely crowd today at our minifest in Chicago. There were many fine players who were just tearing the paint off the walls. It was great fun, and my buddy, trombinst extraordinairre, David Gross, was there to get it all beautiflly documented on 'film.' He is an expert photographer. As soon as he gets the disk cut for us, I'm sure Felix will have some cool new pics on his website.

    There were some fantastic horns there - 25 in all. My favorites were Felix's Stage 1 Classic - an incredible horn - his prototype Stage 1 C - VERY free blowing with a wonderful warm tone - and the Eclipse C trumpet. Oh yeah, the Eclipse fugel went home with Felix only after prying it from my bleeding fingers! There was an Eclipse B-flat that was finished in the same style as the flugel that was wonderful, too.

    If you couldn't be there today, PLEASE do yourself a favor and get in touch with Felix and find out more about his collection.

    I'll post more tomorrow. Right now, I'm bushed!

    To all who attended, this is a "pre-thank-you" note. The real one will come tomorrow.



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