NYTC Mini Trumpet Festival in the Chicago area

Discussion in 'Horns' started by Phillip, Aug 31, 2005.

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    Jul 29, 2005

    Nick Drozdoff and Felix Vayser of the New York Trumpet Company will be in the Chicago area with the complete line of NYTC horns available for your inspection on Sunday, October 2, from 2 to 5 PM. Nick will be assisting him as host. They will be at the Watts Center in Glencoe, Illinois, in the rec room. The Watts Center is on Randolph Street, just north of Jackson Avenue. It is three blocks east of Green Bay and several blocks north of Tower Road. Do a map search on the intersection of Randolph and Jackson in Glencoe, 60022, and you'll see it.

    Felix Vayser has a trumpet line par none. I was fortunate enough to recently obtain a NYTC Possegger Bb Trumpet. As some of you may know, although I am a serious player, I have an extensive collection of horns- I have been spending the past month doing comparison testing between Schilke, Kanstul, Bach, Conn, Calicchio, French Besson, Chicago Brass Works, Holton, LeBlanc and a few others. I don't think anything I have played that is manufactured in the US comes quite as close to perfection as the horns I was able to try out over at NYTC. The European craftsmanship is inherent in every horn NYTC distributes. One of the most interesting things I noticed was the sound the European horns produce isinfluenced by the country of origin. The Fildes from Spain had a certain feel, while the Eclipse from the UK had another. If you are able to go to the mini fest Chicago, it will be well worth your while. Once you try these horns you
    will think of nothing else but a way to work it out to get one. Felix has done us players here in the US a good turn.

    Phillip DeFranco

    Freelance Trumpet Artist - NYC
    Endorsing Artist - NYTC by Possegger Bb Trumpets
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    Spread the word!!!

    Be sure to tell everyone, but be sure to post a message here or on the other post in this forum (under horns) to let me know if you're going to fall by. I want to make sure to have enough eats! :-)

    But even if you don't post and just want to fall by, just drop in! This is a chance in a lifetime - to meet a real exotic musical instrument dealer specializing in trumpets! And what even cooler is getting to PLAY those neat horns. It will be fun. Be sure to bring your own axe and compare.

    We can play some Mancini quartets and stuff - Broiles duets - whatever! It's be a blast (pun intended).

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    Some maps to the Mini Fest

    I copied this post I made in Trumpet Herald.

    Felix has been busy keeping an eye on things here. I've been a bit swamped as the school year has begun, I'm in the midst of a recording project and I've helping my mom with a moving of her household.

    OK a bit more from for directions:

    I have posted basic directions from Chicago and I've suggested that you dod a Yahoo map thing to get some specifics. I'm not sure if I can post the graphics here, but I think I can post some sort of map link.

    From I90....

    If you're west of the Tristate, get on 294 North and head up to the Willow Road exit - EAST. Take that for several miles to Forestway and then follow the directions that have been posted here in another part of the forum (it is in the Lounge as well). If you are near I90, but east of the airport, you need to judge whether or not it would be better to go to the Edens and head north to Willow or back to the Tristate.

    The address is 305 Randolph Street in Glencoe, Illinois 60022.

    I hope that helps a bit.



    I don't know if these huge links will work, but I thought I'd give them a go. The first one shows where the Watts center is. The second pulls out and shows where Glencoe is.



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