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    Nov 8, 2004
    Last week I had the chance to head up to NY City and visit the New York Trumpet Company showroom in Manhattan. The showroom is located upstairs in Colin Music. I couldn't believe all of the cool stuff Felix had in that tiny little space :-)

    It was very nice to be able to see, touch, and talk about the horns most of use see online at the site. I would guess about 30-40 horns, a variety of mouthpieces and mutes, a few large stacks of cases, and enough room to play ( I liked the bathroom for a try out area). Since it was a Thursday Felix was around along with Mack, who works at the shop for Felix.

    I played several of the new horns and tried some mouthpieces out. I really like the Best Brass pieces, I just wish more sizes where available from BB. Overall they play very easy and create a very even feel. They should be considered if looking for a new piece.

    I was also able to play the Signatures and the new "Special" model Bb's. The Signatures lived up to the anticipation. Made by Possegger for NYTC the craftsmanship was excellent, the valves very nice, and the feel of these horns is easy and even. Two where present, a gold plated and a laquer. I liked the tone of the gold better, but both played wonderfully. If you have the money and want a top end horn, these should be on the list. The Special, or I think Stage 1S, is one of the new models to the Stage 1 line up. I was able to play gold brass and a copper bell version. I favored the copper bell, it had a great tone and a rich quality I really liked. This 1S played as well as anything else I have played of the Stage 1 line. Very even, great intonation, nice compact yet resonant tone, and very well made. I can see this being a very flexible trumpet, able to play in any situation. I would not hesitate to recommend the 1S to anyone from an advanced student to a pro.

    Felix also got a shipment of Stomvi's when I was visiting. A couple Bb's, a Picc, and a an Eb/D. The Eb/D was amazing, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a top end Eb horn. If I played one more often I would have to get one of these.

    I had a great time at the NYTC shop and Felix, as always, was a wonderful host for my visit. If you have the chance to be in NY City and want to try some serious horns out make sure to stop by the shop. TD

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