oh my god, does this really work?

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    Here is the link to the website: VIBRASS - entspannen Sie müde Lippen
    I read it first in German and then in English. My comments follow:

    1) Testing was entirely subjective (the scores provided seem to match the school grading system that I know from Germany (1 is the best, 6 the worst) but their is no mention of the scale used.

    2) The device is not compared with any other forms of lip massage.

    3) There was no use of any technology that could discover any measurable physiological changes, not even something as cheap as measuring blood flow.

    4) The Medical report essentially states that the product reasonably safe to use--nothing about it being effective.

    It is of course up to the buyers to decide, but until someone can prove to me that it is more effective than the cheapo Vulgano massage of playing long low tones and simultaneously singing a pitch almost the same as the played pitch (producing low frequency beats) I'll stick with the Vulgano method, and save money that I can spend on the traditional trumpeter's chemical method of hitting a bar with colleagues and ordering a few pints.

    Have fun!
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    Hey, trumpet playing is LIP INTENSIVE. No question about it. Here are the three best methods I know of for lip revival:

    1. Girlfriend (wife)
    2. Lip Vibrator machine
    3. Loose lip flapping (the horse sound)

    Notice they are presented in a desceding order of EXPENSE.:shock: Watch out for #1, it can be expensive (especially if its name if Heidi Klum).

    Number 3 is free! Just be careful not to do it in public too often .... Actually all of these are somewhat dangerous to do in public.:-?

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    Thanks for the link VB.
    I read the research stuff and(pending I was reading the right page and I'm pretty sure I was) there's just not enough information there for me to make an informed decision.
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    #1 done in public, could get you on the internet, but not in a good way!;-)

    Strange that the video has been removed from the site. You can watch people slip and fall on ice with rolling commentary in German though!
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