old Benge C?

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    old Benge C?
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    Hi all
    I have been offered a trade for this horn, and I just wanted to see what you all think of it. I enclose descriptions of the instrument by the seller...
    "Danny...I have an excellent benge c trumpet...old serial #4xxx in pristine condition except for one small ping on the bell by the second valve...pretty horn and great sound...I use it for solo and church work as well as some commercial and small orchestra work...great intonation...really fast slides and great valves...silver is 100% and very shiny...
    good collectors piece because of the serial #....

    fourth space D, E and Ebs are nice and tight..higher than on my yamaha Bb...it plays amazingingly in tune...very easy low D is nice with just a hair of slide. upper G is right on the nose...I use a curry 3C with it and the sound is really good....it was great for the Nutcracker and I do a lot of church jobs..perfect for that...great for descants..blends well with organ and choir...yes is a great quintet horn...
    I also use it for commercial work and pops orchestra...get that nice derrick watkins sound...clean. I'm not kidding about the valves and slides...fastest I've ever owned"

    He seems very enthused by this instrument, doesn't he


    Kind Regards to all
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    Any Benge playing the 5th partial in tune is worth serious consideration.
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