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    Olds Ambassador
    « Thread started on: 11/01/2003 at 02:54:27 »

    I've read all sorts of great testimonials about the Olds Ambassador cornets. I've got a couple of questions about them I'm sure I can get some answers too here!

    Is there a certain period which are considered the "good ones"?

    I've actually got a very nice Ambassador which dates to late 1971/early 1972. I bought it off Ebay a couple of years ago before the prices started going up! It's in excellent condition and I think I only paid about $80 for it. It has a very good "bach-looking" case as well.

    I bought it to "put away" for my kids. I play cornet all the time and have virtually never played it, however I took it out today and was surprised at how good it is.

    I compared the 2nd valve slide to a couple of cornets I have here including a LB Eterna and my Wild Thing and it is a bigger bore than both of them!

    Did they ever make the Ambassador in a shepherd's crook design? I've seen the short shepherd's crook Bundy cornets (they play better than they should too for what they cost!), however don't recall seeing a short Ambassador.

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    Re: Olds Ambassador
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    Let me offer my views on the Ambassadors:

    1. I would expect the Ambassadors would be more impacted than any other model by the last years of Olds. If they were trying to make horns faster, the Ambassador would be the one (other than the Pinto). So I would put the 'best' years as anything before the early '70s. I just cleaned up 5 Ambassadors for the band I'm in, they all were late 50's - early '60s. Lots of grunge came out of them (they had been stored for a long time) but they all cleaned up nicely, valves were perfect and played great!

    2. Olds did make a Shepherd's Crook cornet, and it was called the Ambassador BUT it had nothing in common with an entry level horn. It was made for UK consumption and was a top of the line horn. They kept the name since it would be an 'ambassador' from the US to the UK?! Check here to see it: http://rouses.net/trumpet/olds77/amba6s.htm
    If you ever have the chance to buy one jump at it!

    Have you toured Alan Rouses' Olds Central site? http://rouses.net/trumpet/olds.htm Great place for Olds info.

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    this is my first time on this site, and trying to figure out where everything is.
    I have a 1964...(I think) Olds Ambassador that I have had restored and silvered. I played it through Jr. High, along with a Conn Constellation.

    The serial number is 478605.
    I have considered selling it, and wondered what kind of price would it bring.
    It does have sentimental value, as I played it with my father on his organ.

    If there is another site, I should be asking this, please let me know. It is in immaculate condition, with original hard case.

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    While there may have been some Ambassadors that suffered from rushed assembly in the 70's, many of them are fine. I have one from that era that I decided to compare last night to my new 1924 Holton in gold - it is the Revalation before they labeled it as such. While I anticipated the Holton to have the better sound (because I paid 4 times as much for it as the Ambassador), I do believe the Ambassador won the play test.

    I have a number of excellent pro horns at home -yet my son continually reaches for the Ambassador. Long story -yours is likely as good as the early ones.
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    Dec 22, 2008
    You can check the completed sale box in Ambassador's on e-Bay and it will give you an idea as to the going rate. I have an Ambassador and love it. Your's being silver is somewhat unusual so it should bring a little more. Post some pics if you can.:thumbsup:
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    Ambassadors can be great trumpets. As Steve said most from that era that have been taken care of are good. The earlier ones made in Los Angeles usually bring a higher price. There are so many on the market that it keeps the price down. And as good as they are they are still called a student trumpet. Yours being silver will bring a little higher price. Pricing an instrument sight unseen is ~Iffy~. You could probably get $350.00-$400.00 because it has been restored. Since you have sentimental attachment it would be nice if you could keep it. But now days money is money.
    Good Luck,
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    Dec 22, 2008
    +1 on the price!
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    Apr 20, 2011
    Thanks for the encouragement and the info. Great site...I will continue to read and will keep the trumpet...and will continue to play.
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    Great answer!:thumbsup: I still have my original Ambassador cornet from 1955 and play it. As you can see (below) I have picked up a few more -and some cousins to go with it. Olds made excellent horns at all levels.

    From your serial number, yours is a late 1964 model - a very good year. But, in actual fact, few of the Ambassadors had problems, even in the 1970's - and those that did have mostly been fixed in the intervening years. I have some from most years up to the very end and they all play great. Enjoy yours.
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    May 30, 2011
    I still love to play my Olds Ambassador. I've had it since the 7th grade. It has sentimental value so I brought it over to Zig Kanstul for restoration. It needs a new leadpipe and the tuning slide crook needs to be fixed. There are a few minor dents that need to be taken out. The given turn around time is very reasonable...3-4 wks. It could take longer because them being on vacation would probably add a week...so mid to late July. It will be silver plated so that waiting period is nothing compared to sending it out. My Stage 1 is still in Indiana. :play:
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    They are the bomb!

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