Olds Custom Config. Codes

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    Olds Custom Config Codes?
    « Thread started on: 11/07/2003 at 02:28:32 »

    When the Olds Custom first came out you would select from 3 bells and 5 mouthpipes. When you selected 'your custom combination' you ordered that, and that's what Olds would 'custom' build for you! And the code would be engraved onto your bell?!

    The problem we have now is What Do the Various Codes Mean??

    I have not seen any codes on older Customs(with a 1st valve hook) but the initial ones (no 1st hook) may/may not have a code. I've seen one with a code of 37117 (no, it's not the serial no). Any idea what it means??


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    Re: Olds Custom Config Codes?
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    Bill! It's after midnight! GO TO BED!
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    Sorry I have no idea about the Olds custom codes, but I was trawling the archives and was fascinated by this one.

    Hoping by this posting that anyone knowledgable on this who missed the first time around might pick up on it this time around.


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