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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by tpter1, May 31, 2005.

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    Jan 12, 2005
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    No, not the Rush song. :roll:

    Manny, I spent alot of time reading what you say about breathing and sound concept. I've been trying to teach it as well.

    When we teach we learn twice, the saying goes. Proof of this happened to me today. Some of my students are doing some photography assignments for a class, and wanted a picture of me playing. (Very flatterring). So I indulged. I grabbed my Bb, and, not having practiced seriously for a couple weeks due to concert preparations and other teacher-type things, and being completely cold, belted the solo from Shostakovitch 5th cold. I nailed it. In tune, clean skips and all. Why? Because I first gave a thought to relaxed breath, good posture, and relaxed upper torso. Then I thought about my favorite recording of the piece, how it sounded, what I wanted it to sound like, and imagined myself sounding that way.

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    Glenn brings up an excellent point. When ML gave me a very specific scenario and asked me to create that sound, I did it hardly even having to think about it. (He did an excellent job of setting the scene). I just heard what wound he wanted in my head and played it.

    And most of the time when I don't get the sound I wanted, or when i just don't sound good at all, it's because I simply had no idea what sound I wanted.

    I did the same with an 11 year old student of mine who's preparing for a youth orchestra audition. I took the solo piece and made him promise me that each day before he first played it, he would stop to think about what sound he wanted -- get a clear picture of it in his head. He came back this week and just played beautifully on it. For the first time he wasn't playing notes on a page, he was making music.

    Hearing has more to do with playing the horn than just checking for balance and intonation...
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    Nov 27, 2003
    This visualization is a wonderful approach for getting the final inth out of a piece.

    My youngest daughter played a flute solo called Sphrinx (by Ravel I believe) at couple of weeks ago at a flute festival and then her judge gave her a mini-lesson. She asked if my daughter knew the story behind the piece and, yes she did, it's about Pan searching for the lovely Sphrinx in the reeds and ends up killing the Sphrinx and inventing the pan-flute on which he plays a loving eulogy. To this the instructor adds, "now imagine he's playing the his flute for the first time and plays the Bb and it's the most beautiful thing he's ever heard, so he keeps coming back to it and it's incredibly beautiful every time he plays it." The transition in my daughter's interpretation was startling. It went from very proficient and enjoyable to, "wow, that's something I'd pay to hear again." (Of course, no amount of bribing would induce her to play it for me again.)


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