One very important tip for The Comeback Trumpet Player

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    One very important tip for The Comeback Trumpet Player

    Immediately go find some groups to play in and make music. This will keep you motivated to practice and you need to make music, not just practice to really get yourself back into shape and enjoying all aspects of playing the trumpet (music, social, challenge, concentration, etc).

    Here’s a few ideas:

    1 – Community Bands and Orchestras

    2 – Brass Bands

    3 – Church groups

    4 – Jazz Ensembles

    5 – College-sponsored groups

    6 – Duets with other trumpet players (5 star tip)

    Actually schedule a time each week to play duets. We all need to have ensembles to play and perform in, and a duet is the easiest to organize – it’s just you and your duet partner. Or add a third player to make things even more fun (plus this makes sure you are resting properly by having only two of you play while the third is resting).

    Here’s a page on my site for some links to lots of performing options and to get a sample email letter to send to them:

    Go forth and let the trumpet sound!!

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