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    Apr 5, 2011
    Hi Ed Lee,
    You stated:
    "Dr. Mark, I've committed to sound TAPS and will have to speak with the Chair of the Memorial Day committee in order to sub Billy in my stead. If such is agreed to, I'm all for it. Again, if he wants to, I'm positive he can do it, and at a Memorial Day ceremony is likely the preferred phasing into his doing so at future funerals. I'll gladly transport him to and from.
    You've just taken the first step in creating something that should be in every little town that has a high school or comminuty band.
    Ed Lee...You rock!!!
  2. Ed Lee

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Jackson NC
    Dr. Mark, while Jackson is the County Seat and is only 10 miles square, there no longer a public school within its border, the nearest an elementary school 3 miles beyond and Northerly on NC 305. Most of the Elementary School facility that was here is now a County School Maintenance facility, the old Jackson High School, of which my wife was in the last graduating class in 1964 has mostly been torn down, and what remains is now the County School Central Administration offices. The old Eastside segregated school as once had all 12 grades is now an eyesore ruin within the Town environ. The present County High School is in Lasker, 11 miles from Jackson which having opened in 1965 is now in such deteriorating condition that there is talk about building a new one, which if ever it is, I now expect I'll never see. A County High school band here, IMO such is a joke ... all current 31 members of it being directed by a Teachers for America (TFA) piano performance major who also teaches choral and instrumental music in all the lower county schools and has a county car at her disposal to travel from one to another with as much as an hour and a half travel time between. While she is an exceptional pianist, for her own good, she should seek employment elsewhere when her TFA contract ends this year. I'm told most TFA teachers that come here leave ASAP. Just to catch up on my B Ed majors in math & earth science I feel would require I go back to college for about 2 years, but somehow with my minor in instrumental music I have been able to obtain my NC certificate to teach instrumental music, yet due to my health I would not apply to the public school here and only occasionally tutor.

    Still, I've found some musical niches, that begin about every day at breakfast where at our table, we've two church organists, a guitarist (also the Jackson Baptist minister) and an ex Army band tenor sax doubler on clarinet, which he and I both play with an open group we call the Cleffers that meet Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30 PM in the keyboardist's two car garage, the keyboardist being a retired lawyer and also a former Chief of Police in Seaboard. Too, from time I've been soloing on brass or voice in 5 different churches of 3 denominations. Once in a while a core segment of the Cleffers gives a short recital at the Senior Center.
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    Oct 18, 2007
    The Wide Brown Land
    Ed, if you are really blessed then you may well have solved the lack of a bugler for when you pass too. There will be a personal attachment for both of you, and your student can express his loss with the skills you gave him. Perfect.

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