Opinion on what I think is a disgusting practice???

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lovevixen555, Feb 2, 2009.

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    But since you saw fit to send the "perpetrator" of the evil eBay offering a nasty grahm (tasty?), doesn't that imply that you believe it your privilege to attack him?

    Imagine, if you will, that you put something up for sale on eBay and subsequently received a nasty message from someone you don't even know, taking you to task for having the unmitigated gall to make such an offering. Would you not think it out-of-line, and rude to boot?

    IMO TM was intended to be an avenue for the sharing of constructive information, and I feel that we need to strive to do just that. Maybe MJ will consider a separate forum called "Gripe of the Month Club".
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    ooooohhhh, now there's an idea!!!

    or a section simply called "The Ring" where people go just to fight.

    (veer, don't take this as a jab directed to you, it isn't... it's just bad timing)
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    Well, L.V. I don't intend this as a condemnation, but, rather as an admonition. You have as great a desire to preserve old things as I do. How could we rebuild some of the old cars, cameras, guns, and musical instruments that we happen onto if 'spare parts' are not made available from a few sacrificial products of that same kind.

    Several years ago I contracted to purchase an Exacta camera from a woman seller in Florida who claimed the camera to be "pristine'. Upon receipt of the camera I found it to be just a box full of ziplock bagged camera parts. My complaint to her and subsequently to Ebay got me kicked off of Ebay. I consider that experience to be a valuable one. Firstly, I can't buy off of Ebay. That saves me money. Secondly, I gained a whole bunch of Exacta spare parts which put three of my formerly defunct cameras back into serviceably condition. Have you never used a local auto salvage yard to procure repair parts for one of your vehicles? Same thing!!!
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    Apr 5, 2008

    I've read on this forum about people buying bells and other
    trumpet parts for customizing their own trumpets, but I seldom
    see any results of their builds, except from Brekefeluw's projects.
    And may be a few others. None of those hate Bach at all.
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    maybe mj will consider a separate forum where LV555 could put all his posts!!!
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    Mar 1, 2007

    Oh Good Grief!!
  7. jason_boddie

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    Dec 26, 2008
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    I agree. Wow, is this really proper in this forum?

  8. jason_boddie

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    oops I meant to put the Abortion comment in qoutes
  9. rowuk

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    So, after a veery DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP breath,
    everybody is right.

    LV has every right to be disgusted. Others have every right to understand and NOBODY has the right to put down somebody for having an opinion. We can openly disagree with the opinion. Nothing in the original post can be considered "dumb" or asked 1000s of times here.

    As far as I am concerned, old horns are old horns. There are some that command a price way beyond the point that most of us would buy them for, there are others like a Collegiate where I could personally care less. A decent student/intermediate horn maybe, but even pristine, nothing for my collection.

    I consider the thread topic to be of interest as there can be some argument about what one prefers or would like to see. Just keep it clean!
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  10. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    nordlandstrompet, I liked how you explained your view!

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