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    I'm going to auditioning for colleges in a couple years and some audition repertoire of my preferred schools require excerpts from a standard collection or just contrasting excerpts. I'm not aware of what the standards are or any excerpts that colleges would be looking for. Also are there any books out there with a good selection of standard trumpet excerpts? Some of the schools I'm interested in are Curtis, Peabody, New England, Juilliard, and Eastman. Would anyone who went to these schools or anyone with knowledge of orchestral excerpts help me out? Thanks!
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    Top 50 Orchestral Audition Excerpts for Trumpet, compiled by Philip Norris, is a great book to have.

    Phil Smith's Orchestral Excerpt CD is a great as well.

    You might look around at audition lists on musicalchairs.info or on sites for music festivals (Aspen, New World...etc) just to get an idea of what people are asked to play. I have a list compiled some years ago by Charlie Geyer that lists excerpts and how often they are asked.

    As far as what play at these auditions, I would suggest playing to your strengths and choosing ones that demonstrate different challenges (e.g. lyrical/technical, soft playing/loud playing, upper register/low register, etc.)
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    Petrouchka (Ballerina Dance), Mahler Symphony #5 opening solo, Pines of Rome offstage solo and Pictures at an Exhibition (opening solo) would be a good start, as they are very common and are of medium difficulty (hitting the notes, not playing them well).

    If your teacher isn't familiar with this sort of repetoire, you might want to consider a more classically oriented teacher, given your list of schools.
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    Thanks guys. I think I'll pick up the book and Phil Sims CD. I do have a classically oriented teacher it's just that I won't have a lesson with him in a while and wanted to see what others had to say and maybe their experiences with auditioning.
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    there are a crapload of orchestra exerpts on eBay in one lot right now...

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