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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by BILL VAN, Apr 25, 2009.

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    I don't know what horn you played before, but it could just take a little time to adjust to the sound and feel of your new Schilke, especially if it's very different than your old horn.

    It's also worth checking to make sure your mouthpiece fits correctly in the new horn. I've had a couple mouthpieces that seemed to fit fine in one horn, but wouldn't fit snugly in others.

    It's not particularly common, but not unheard of to pull out that far. If you sound good and play in tune, the horn is working fine for you.
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    Bill - just be aware that as you advance, and the joy of learning kicks in, you will find that you tend to over-analyse EVERYTHING. Just hold that thought in your head, and strangely you will soon find that you actually know the answer to many of your questions, but you're not quite sure that you've got it right in your head. That's the time to toss it into the forum here and either confirm or reject your hypotheses. Take it a step at a time - as to the tuning slide, mine changes depending on the mouthpiece / trumpet combination I am using - as I improve that too will change, I guess. It's up to you to pick and chose the advice that is best for you - but remember, you know lots more about Bill than we do.

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    Thanks everyone!!!!
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    That's the spirit!
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    P.S.: Congratulations on the new Schilke!!!

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