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    Jan 17, 2007
    As you can probably tell from my user name, I am from Australia. I have been playing for money since 15 years of age and am now in my early 40's. I do not teach, but I do master classes with lots of young trumpet players.
    When I work with young players, about 95% play Bach or Yamaha horns and mouthpieces. When I ask them why, they say that they were recommended by their teachers who have probably only played Bachs or Yamahas. While both these companies make good horns, they may not necessarily be the right choice for everyone. I see kids trying to play mouthpieces that are totally unsuitable, mostly because"That's the one that came with the horn" OR "That's what my teacher plays"
    I live in the country.When you go to a major capital city and visit a music store, they might have 3 good horns and nine or ten mouthpieces. (Usually the ones they can't sell)
    I read about all these amazing horns on TH. I bought my last horn having never seen or played one based on research and recommendations on sites like this one. It was like trying to buy a wine by reading the speel on the bottle without ever having had a toddy in your life before.
    I was mowing the lawn and thought ' Wouldn't it be cool if someone could be supplied with a heap of horns and mouthpieces and do Expos at major cities where people could come and try out horns. Advice would have to be impartial. Players could come and try. They might order on the spot or go home and buy through some other dealer but at least they'd get an idea of what is available. It might just fuel their dreams and pay no dividends for some time.These Expos could be held at Music Schools and Conservatorium centres at major towns.
    It would mean companies would have to put there product next to competitors but I think that in it self would have merit. Maybe the organiser could be paid a flat rate for sales so that it doesn't make them push one horn over another. or be on salary. It would not be economically viable to have each horn represented by a different seller. Because of the huge travelling distances, people won't drive to try one horn. They would, however, it the person had a number and range of horns, piccolos and flugels and a large variety of mouthpieces.
    What do you think? I'd be curious to know if it has been tried anywhere else with just 1 person representing all companies. [​IMG]

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