Pain in upper throat/under chin while playing?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Domination3785, Jul 18, 2014.

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    Actually, from what I've now heard of this doctor, I would go somewhere else and get a second opinion. From what you've said (and from the medication she/she prescribed) I've gathered (and got confirmed by my wife, who is not only an opera singer, but a qualified ENT specialist) that that doctor is just shooting rather blindly in the dark. Augmenton (or rather Amoxycilline, which is the working part of it) is a very broad-band antibiotic and always is the first choice if you don't know what's really wrong. My wife herself once had an under-tongue cyst which for two and a half years was not diagnosed as such, but treated with antibiotics as an inflammation. Of course, the cyst did not react to antibiotics and grew, to an extent that she lost the use of her voice and a very promising career. After five years, an ENT specialist coundthe cyst, removed it and everything was fine - except for the fact that she now needed to retrain her voice. Now, after seven and a half years, she's just about beginning her second career. So, please do take it seriously!!
    The fact that your blood tests came back ok show that in your case, no inflammation is present - otherwise there would be unmistakable signs in the bloods. So antibiotics are a bit far off...
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    I had a similar problem ,which the doctor thought was blocked saliva glands. incredibly painful at times. I think there was a small stone in there which came out on its own eventually. It took nearly 2 years to get sortedbut it did get better in the end.
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    There is a thread in this part of the forum called "Rowuk is the biggest idiot here". I am Rowuk and probably give many members here reasons to agree with that notion, but in that threads case, the idiocy had to do with procrastination. I had symptoms and found plausible reasons why minimal action was OK. I BSed myself out of going to a specialist and getting the "real" diagnosis. When I finally did, my worst fears were confirmed: 3 months break from ANY playing after a serious operation.

    There are a couple of aspects here that should be considered: pain is a standard function of the human body to warn us. It causes several different reactions, some conscious, some subconscious. In many cases our bodies will change the way that they work to avoid or minimize pain. In the case of face pain as you describe, the embouchure will be changed subconsciously to minimize the symptom of pain. If we practice a lot in this state, we actually mess up more than we preserve.

    I personally feel that it is not "undangerous" to look for solutions on the internet. Granted, we can draw from a bigger pool of experience, BUT we have no way of knowing if the person posting the experience is telling the truth and ever had anything similar, we do not know if they are currently in a state of remission and just got lucky because the symptoms withdrew, we do not know if they prolonged the symptoms more than necessary or if they in fact got the story straight in spite of not having the necessary knowledge to interpret the data. There are a couple of doctors here that are generally careful about recommendations - in fact much more careful than the average member here - that should be a message in itself.

    Regardless of your standpoint “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” Edgar Allan Poe wrote some wise words............ Personally, I will post my stupidity but on critical things, only consult those that I know and trust.
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    Malamute, you are not alone.
    I am on Calcium supplements to help me since I had 2 parathyroids removed, and I developed a swollen saliva gland as well. I did not suffer pain, and only noticed it after I went to the bathroom after a pizza, to rinse my mouth. I noticed a swollen face on one side, my wife did not even notice it initially, until I told her that I thought it was swollen. It ended up hard, and about a golf ball size. Calcium deposits causing stones in the saliva gland, and this was caused by not having enough water - I was told it would be surgery to go dig it out. I had been on a diet for about 12 months, so had changed my eating habits, and needed to increase my fluids - water intake to help flush my system.

    I was given antibiotics to get any infection down, and I had an Ultrasound, confirmed the stones were there... I used an electric razor to vibrate the area for about 2 days - maybe 20 mins running, 15 mins off repeated many times. It dislodged the stones, and my face came back to normal - and avoided the surgery. I was just lucky. My Doctor was amazed it moved the stones.

    I really think that no-one should mess round with pain, or swelling. Get it diagnosed without delay, fix it and address the root cause of the problem, then get on with your life. Complaining about your health to others won't fix it, nor does it really help anyone.
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    Worth repeating.

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    I had a lump show up on my neck a few years ago. I put it off until it was so swollen and painful I couldn't move my head from
    side to side. It turned out to be an abcess, which they had to lance and slice and dice (oh what a fun afternoon!).

    I asked the Dr. what he would have done, if I came in after a couple of days instead of two weeks...."I would have prescribed some
    antibiotics and sent you home..."

    Go see another Dr. or a specialist and find out what the hell you have....

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    yes , I should have said in my last post, go and see a doctor it could be something easily fixed with the right treatment, and if it is more serious then the sooner you get a proper diagnosis the better.Now off you go!
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    This is exactly the reason I was being cautious as I did not want to scare the person on the other end since I know more about the human body than the average person. :)
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    Jul 10, 2014
    Edmond, OK
    Malamute, do you have an update to your chin problem?

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