Paperless Music: Do you have experience with this technology?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Dan Millheim, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Dan Millheim

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    Sep 4, 2004
    Fort Worth ,TX
    I would like to know if anyone has ever played a performance on an Estand or Freehand Music Pad Pro system? I just wrote in another thead that Harry Connick Jr. has a patent on his own version of a music display system. He can write and edit charts and then send them to the entire band without ever using paper. How cool is that? You use a foot pedel to change pages without ever having to take your hand off your horn. You can even write (in various colors!) on the screens and save changes to a hard drive. Finale and Sibelius import right to the device from your computer as well!

    What do you all think? Would you use an electronic display to play your music on a live gig? Would the thought of having thousands of charts at your fingure tips for whatever situation that came up be helpful? Is this the future for all performers and publishers, for that matter? Yes, they are expensive (now) and they might freeze up but it still has endless possibilities and I would enjoy hearing your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. Brekelefuw

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    Mar 21, 2006
    I think it is a great use of technology, but even with all the technology we have, I still like to read a book made from paper rather than one on the computer.

    One pro in town has one and likes it according to someone I know.
  3. Late_Bloomer

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    Apr 22, 2006
    Wow!!!! Way too expensive for me!!!

  4. Thermos

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    Jul 15, 2006
    I like the idea, assuming it wouldn't tire out my eyes from looking at essentially a computer screen for so long.

    Especially nice for studios or other gigs where there are lots of songs, and a lot of paper to keep track of.

    On the other hand, the $400 price tag (iirc) is a bit much for the time being.
  5. mbmleone

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    May 1, 2008
    There is also an alternative for the Music Pad Pro.
    MusicReader Digital Music Stand Software runs on standard Tablet PCs, laptops and desktops. There is a free evaluation version available for download.
  6. TisEkard

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    Jul 28, 2006
    L.A./Orange County CA
    This does sound like a good idea, but wouldn't it be scary to have something go wrong. Technology has the potential to stop working at any time. It would suck to have your screen shut out in the middle of a gig :-)

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