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    Hi Gang,

    I'm posting this email from my leader, Mike Milnarik.

    Want to play some great music with a great group (with the exception of my playing!).... it's a really fun group that plays at a very high level.

    Please send all inquiries to Mike, not me... he's handling all the details.


    The 'Innovata Brass', a Boston based brass quintet, has a temporary vacancy for trumpet, for the 2004 Summer Season.

    Appointment begins in mid-June and continues through, September 5, 2004. (Specific details available upon request.)

    For consideration please immediately send a resume (by email or snail mail) and sound samples (by email in MP3 format, direct us to a website with samples posted in MP3 format, or on tape/CD by snail mail).

    No phone calls at this time, please.

    Contact information:

    Innovata Brass
    Michael S. Milnarik, director
    PO Box 51249
    Boston, MA 02205

    [email protected]

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