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  1. ptynan

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    Sep 13, 2005
    Antigonish, NS
    TM folks.

    I am very happy to tell you about a new recording that was just released on
    the NohJoh Music label called "Digital/Spiritual".
    "Digital/Spiritual" is a new duo project with trumpet/flugelhorn player Paul Tynan and guitarist Kevin Brunkhorst.
    It could be called Jazz or improvised music or just music. It features Kevin
    Brunkhorst on electric and acoustic guitars, bass, digital effects, loops,
    cassette player and Paul Tynan on trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn,
    cymbals, and ambient sounds.

    In the works of Kevin :
    "Some of the pieces are written, others were improvised in the studio. Some
    of the improvisations were shaped after much listening. One of our main
    goals was that we wanted it to sound like nothing else we knew of. We're
    pretty sure we reached that. Certainly there are other benchmarks, or
    influences: Teo Macero's productions of Miles Davis; Kenny Wheeler; David
    Torn; Ralph Towner; Brian Eno. The things a musician listens to come out in
    their playing."

    You can check out some samples at:

    If you are interested in this recording I would be happy to offer you a copy for $9.00 US. This includes shipping. They are normally selling for $15.00, but since we are all trumpet players…

    Please replay to me personally if you are interested in this. ([email protected])

    I also posted this on the TPIN, but I wanted to give all the trumpet masters a chance also.


    Paul Tynan
    Asst. Professor of Jazz Studies
    St. Francis Xavier University
    Po Box 5000
    Antigonish, NS
    B2G 2W5
  2. Alex Yates

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    Aug 11, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    I was pleasantly surprised by this recording. I happen to like Ambient music and I was curious what Paul put together with guitarist Kevin Brunkhorst. Paul and his Edwards make a good pair. I recommend this recording if you are looking for something fresh and new. Also, it is great to support one of our own, eh?

    Also, equally enjoyable, but of a different flavor, is Paul's CD "Freedom and Jealousy" by the Paul Tynan Quartet.

    Good luck and much success to you Paul!

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