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    Hi everyone! I am a graduating senior going to a music conservatory next year and I am going to teach trumpet lessons to middle schoolers this summer. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions as to what kinds of methods I could teach through. I know each student is going to be at a different level, but I am just looking for ideas. Thanks!
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    Get them into a real daily routine: long tones with the mouthpiece and horn, lip slurs and easy tunes. You can't turn their playing around in a summer, but you sure can give them the gift of consistency for the rest of their lives! Intonation exercizes, transcription and a class on how to clean the trumpet!

    As far as repertory goes, if I only have a summer, we play repertory (band stuff coming up next year) and duets: Voxman book one and two, Lenny Niehaus Jazz duets book one and two, Amsden, Sachse. Something for everybody.
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    Great! That's easy enough. They are great kids, and I've got between 10 and 15 kids that are committing to it.
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    It will be very easy to make the curriculum too hard. You're fresh from a conservatory and they are fresh from the playground.
    You want your teaching to be hard but attainable. Ask other trumpet instructors in your area what works for them and come up with your own method. Be consistant and focus on the basics. Always be confident and don't try to BS. Students can smell fear a mile away.
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    Hi, sonicgeo2!

    The advice you´ve got so far is so
    good that I have nothing to add.

    I just wanted to say


    to going to the music conservatory!!

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