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    NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!
    With a decent teacher you learn more in the first hour - and every hour after that too!

    Do not forget, Claude Gordon was not talking about a routine for the "casual" player. This is serious stuff for players with time, dedication - and an informed teacher!

    This is very valuable information, but let us keep it in the context of who we are and what we do. I know of no way to "condense" Claude Gordons method for those of us with only 30-45 minutes a day!
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    You are right Rowuk. Going through this method does require time and serious dedication. I spent close to 4 intensive years with Rheal Matthieu a former Claude Gordon student. Jocelyn Couture worked with Rheal for about 12.We literally cover everything that the trumpet literature has to offer.However, there are many points when listening and seeing Mr.Gordon on those videos that can be applied immediately!His common sense is contagious!
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    Oct 8, 2007
    Montreal Qc Canada
    Get the book. It will also explain how to practice those Clarke Studie's as well as the important first and second parts of the routine!
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    That is the First thing to get on my list of things to get when I have money :D... heres the list so far.

    1) Claude Gordens Book
    2) Money to try NYTC of Monette Trumpets
    3) NYTC or Monette Bb Trumpet
    4) Money to try NYTC or Monette
    5) NYTC or Monette C Trumpet
    6) A nice Piccolo

    Thers my List :D

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