"Performance in the Zone" by Jon Gorrie

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    Folks, trumpeter, Jon Gorrie has written a wonderful little book called "Performance in the Zone." This is a book that deals with getting one's mental house in order for performance.

    There are many books that performers have used as a guide to get ready for a concert, recital or gig. Books that come to mind are Zen and the Art of Archery, and the Mental Game of Tennis. Gorrie's book is specifically geared towards performers in the arts, though it could apply even to sports.

    In reading this book, ideas that resonated with me are the following: 1.) You are what you think. 2.) Your performance should add value to your own life and the life of others. 3.) Avoid excessive talk about yourself. 4.) Keep a performance journal. These are only a few of the many salient points Gorrie addresses.

    The book also has a work-book component. Gorrie wants you to develop a solid repeatable method for getting yourself into the zone.

    This book is very well thought out. Like similar books (Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner comes to mind), there is reference to Eastern philosophies, though it is not a book on religion by any means. There is also considerable reference to the psychological underpinnings of Gorrie's ideas. There are many fine references at the end of the book.

    This is a very thorough treatise on performance preparation. I would recommend it to anyone working along these lines.

    "Performance In The Zone"
    by Jon Gorrie
    published by


    Nick Drozdoff
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    I will probably order this soon.
    I am on a 'spiritual music journey' right now. I read Effortless Mastery, a book of jazz interviews where the masters discuss their concept of music and the world, and am now making my way through The Inner Game of Music. Each one is eye opening in their own right, and I think they have improved my mental approach to playing.

    Thanks for showing me this.

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