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    Oct 24, 2004
    I asked for some advice with my audition material and just auditions in general a little while back and for Petrouchka you said "sound lively and light at the same time. When you breathe, do so in time without losing tempo". I have taken this to heart and have worked on it unfortunately I am having some issues with taking a breath. Where would you suggest is a good spot to breathe in this excerpt.
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    Sep 29, 2004

    I'm somewhat unique in that I probably breathe more in this excerpt than just about anybody in the majors. However, I do so without disrupting the flow of the pulse. It is critical for auditions and performances that you keep the beat. You must develop the ability to relax enough to haul in large amounts of air in very little time. This also important for the Promenade to Pictures and Goldenburg and Shmuyle.

    The key is a big breath at very first and then a series of quick, relaxed ones before and after the bridge. If you play the short notes the correct lengths (short!) you should be able to learn to do this.

    On another thread I discussed the famous Jacobs excercise for learning to grab fast, complete breaths. Poke around and find it or maybe the person I wrote that for can cut and paste and put it here for you to look at.


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