Philip Glass

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    Oct 21, 2003

    I have a Glass recording and in the liner notes it says you are playing. I don't have much Glass stuff. So I don't know if you played on a bunch of them but what is your take on his music? And what was it like to record? I believe I have Koyaanisqatsi.
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    Nov 19, 2003
    I have recorded lots of his music. Here is a partial list-
    A Brief History of Time
    The Thin Blue Line
    Songs of Liquid Days
    Low Symphony with the Brooklyn Philharmonic

    His studio is named The Living Room. It can only hold 14 or 15 musicians at a time. My living room is about the same size as the studio. The booth, however, is normal sized.
    Glass has cutting edge recording equipment,he needs it. Recordings are done section by section. On the Low Symphony, the entire Brooklyn Philharmonic was used.
    His conductor and long time collaborator, Michael Reisman, runs the sessions. Michael has ears of gold. The sessions are run with precision, nothing slips by them. We recorded with a combination of a click track and conductor. Believe me, "It aint easy."

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