Piccolo trumpet albinoni/giazotto adagio

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    Copies are STEALING and we do not promote that here:

    Adagio in G minor (Remo Giazotto, formerly attr. to Albinoni)
    This work is not in the public domain
    This work was only attributed to Albinoni, since it was written by Italian musicologist Remo Giazotto in 1949. It was still claimed for years that it belonged to Albinoni, as Giazotto claimed he based his composition on a paper scrap found in the ruins of Saxon State Library of Dresden, which was bombed during World War II. The very little he allegedly found included fragments of the Basso Continuo staff and only the first six measures, which can now be heard played on pipe organ, of what is purported to have been the second movement of a Concerto or Sonata in G. Having this in mind, Giazotto died in 1998 and therefore his work should not be released into public domain before 2048 (outside EU) or 2068 (in the European countries).

    There is a reason that these laws exist.

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