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    Does anyone have any experience or opinions? After I buy my new horn I'm considering fooling around with my current Bb. My new horn will be anywhere from a fairly medium, all-around horn to a very bright, lead-type horn. It depends on what works best when I get to trying new gear.

    Whatever happens, I'm planning keeping my Yamaha, which is a very good, solid horn. But, since it will be my spare horn I feel better about customizing it. I'm planning on a new lead pipe(probably GR, but also considering Blackburn and Pilczuk) and I thought adding all the heavy weight accessories might be interesting.

    I did a search about heavy weight bottom caps but these are a little different. So, any thoughts on these or similar options?

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    Jan 31, 2004
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    I have met Peter Pickett. You will not find a nicer guy and a very knowledgeable trumpet player. I have also had the privilege of hearing him play -- he is an excellent player.

    His parts are in demand and he is quite busy. But if you would like to customize your axe with Weighted & Profiled Recessed Top Caps, Weighted & Profiled Bottom Caps, Stylized Valve Stems, and Distinctive Finger Buttons, Peter is the person to deal with.

    Peter is a player who cares about other players. He makes great stuff. Soon, his stuff will also be available at www.mouthpieceexpress.com too. Drop him a note, he is an upright guy who will give you some good answers.


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