Pieces I Know & Pieces I Don't

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lburriss, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. lburriss

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    Nov 29, 2010
    I’m a returning adult player, and I think I’m losing what’s left of my mind! Suppose I have two pieces, one I’m familiar with, and the other an exercise that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to me. I can play the piece I know (especially if the words are there and I can “sing along”) almost on first reading, but the exercise pieces are just disasters, even after multiple times through them. It doesn’t seem to be fingering, but an embouchure problem. I can go back and run up and down the appropriate scale, hitting each note separately or with one breath, without any problems. But I get back to the exercise and it falls apart. It’s like if I don’t know what the note is supposed to sound like in my head, I can’t find it. I've got the fingering right, but the notes aren't there.
    Somebody help me before I have to go into therapy <G>.
  2. trickg

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    Oct 26, 2003
    My recommendation? Slow down and just keep working. Slow it down to obscenely slow tempos if you have to. There is no trick or secret to getting it back - you simply have to put in the time to rebuild the foundation of what you knew. In many ways it's not really like a comeback - it's like starting all over from scratch, and you'll have to crawl before you can do anything else. You'll have to work things over and over and over before they will start to stick, but that's what's necessary to get to where you can hear the pitches, and your fingers do know what to do.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it's the truth, IMO.
  3. MVF

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    Sep 10, 2010
    -what he said! If your comeback goes like mine it won't take as long as you think- and then you get to really go to work! Take trickg's advice. Play scales and long tones. Keep playing the stuff you know and try to balance the fun/work aspects. Keep adding more musicality.
  4. jiarby

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    May 7, 2011
    When you run across something you can't do then break it down to it's simplest element...
    Maybe it is an interval slur, or a tricky fingering pattern, whatever...

    Don't practice until you get it right... practice until you can't get it wrong!

    Then crank the metronome up a few clicks and do it all over again!

    If you are still pretty green into your comeback the just play clarke exercises... and arban.
    If you want to play something fun so you don't go nuts then work on one of the characteristic exercises in the back.

    You really just have to put in a bunch of face time. You will see progress soon enough
  5. Al Innella

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    Aug 9, 2007
    Levittown , NY
    You might not be hearing the notes in your head. Try playing the exercise very slow,then sing or hum the exercise, so you can hear the relationships between the notes,before trying to play it again.If you can't hear the music in your head,then you can't play it. Work on recognizing all the different intervals, if you can hear them in your head,you can play them on the trumpet.
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