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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by coolerdave, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Tell me more about these "water color paints", Doc.....how does that work now? Fascinating........fascinating:shock:
    - seriously, I'm hearing a lot about loose slotting on the Vintage Martins- what does that exactly mean as compared to a newer Trumpet?
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    There is a back pressure I feel on the Martins... a resistance... a column of air... This is a forgiving (but energy absorbing) feature of the Martin Committee. This columm gives you time to "play" with the note before it resonates off the horn. On the newer trumpets, they are most responsive, so once you play the note, it immediately resonates of the horn without the delay time to play with it.

    Ever blow bubbles of those plastic rings. Blow fast, and lots of bubbles come out pretty much the same size. But ever blow slowly into that ring before letting the bubble go. It takes on a different shape, a different size, sometimes even a diffferent color. That's what playing a Martin Committee is like. You can let the note go quickly and sound just like any other horn, or you can hold the note back a bit to play with it.
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    I think it is related to the way an individual trumpet slots at any particular harmonic. I think some harmonics slot wide above or below. Anyway if I want to bend up I use less air. Makes it sharp every time.
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    I have found hearing the note helps ..sometimes I play it with the correct valve and then go back to it trying to bend it ... It's just weird how the horn seems to fight bending up more than down.

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