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  1. Dave Hughes

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    Oct 19, 2010
    Rochester, NY
    I was taught to pivot when I was younger- now I spend a good hour or two a week trying to unlearn it!
  2. Pete

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    Nov 17, 2007
    Al's got it. This is the basis for Rheinhardt's Pivot System. He didn't make people pivot. He deals with the natural pivot that each player uses, and how to be the most effective with it, along with specific embouchure types that we all fall into.

    I have never heard any suggestion of changing embouchures, or moving the horn any differently than you do naturally. There are many great pieces of wisdom in the Encyclopedia of the Pivot System.
  3. nieuwguyski

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    Aug 9, 2004
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    Or a response from a member who hasn't been heard from in almost two years.
  4. Pete

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    Nov 17, 2007
    Yeah, That's what happens when you don't look at the dates!
  5. Sol

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    Jan 25, 2004
    Reinhardt was sorry that he named his system "The Pivot System". The system takes all aspects of playing a brass instrument into account. If anybody is interested, then I suggestion that you go to trumpetherald.com, and take a look at the Reinhardt forum.
  6. Sol

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    Jan 25, 2004
    Dave, Everybody pivots to some degree. With some people, the pivot is hardly even noticeable. Maybe somebody taught you how to pivot that doesn't conform to your type. Everybody doesn't pivot in the same way.
  7. Jerry Freedman

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    Mar 4, 2005
    >Have you ever witnessed or heard about any player "crashing", losing his ability to play, >because he attempted what Reinhardt wrote?

    Kyle Schmeer who moderates the Callet Forum over on TH says he had nothing but bad luck with Reinhardt. There is no system that works for everyone. For every pair of systems ( Maggio, Callet, Stamp etc) one can find a player on TH or here who will say that "I worked for x years with teacher Y and got nowhere. It was only until I found teacher Z that things began to work for me.
  8. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I think that the issue with the embouchure is not the system, rather the player. Chops are treated as the silver bullet, and that is just plain BS. Granted, there is often a point in our playing lives where things just seem to come together. That point is much bigger than a chop change. Our breathing clicks in, body use, sound concept and perhaps facework and tonguing.

    What is simply wrong is to say "I started Maggio and everything got better". To get really better, we simply need much more than a chop adjustment.

    I would even go further and say that any of the systems can work with most players. The real issue is how much retraining of muscle activity the player will need, if the player has the will and time to do what is necessary. What is often labeled as finding the "right" embouchure, I would call "finding the most convienient" one - the one with the most synergies and least retraining. That path is most often luck because the least amount of methodology is generally used. A decision is made by some unqualified person (player or teacher without experience) and the player runs with it often with little or no gains - even after extended periods (because the retraining of the muscles was not the focus and too little time was allocated to learning new habits).
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    Morris died.

    But before he died he was banned. Rowuk banned him for life.

    Sadly that ban lasted only a year.

    I still do not know how can Rowuk sleep at night!?

    Because before he (Morris) died, his firend a Jewish called Mosche Mirzachi came here, and virtually begged Rowuk to lift the ban because Morris was dying.

    But Rowuk wouldnt listen.

    Than he banned Mizrachi too.

    We Never heard from him since.

    And we never found out what his (morrisses) sins were and why was he banned in the first place. Rowuk never told.

    Perhaps it was all his (rowuk's) personal agenda. We will never know.
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