Played trumpet for 12 years -- never had a consistent embouchure

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Haste2, Aug 26, 2012.

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    The problem is in your body. I see no deep breath. No expansion of chest. No powering the sound with your body. Your chest is a resonator. You should feel the note there first. By the time it reaches the lips, it is set. You are too concentrated on the lips. Your playing is squeezing the lips but not driving with the breath and the body. Loosen up. The note should float on the breath. Just feel it bouncing on the air. Does that make any sense? If it makes any difference, most people get by doing what you do. And like you, their sound lacks resonance. Thoughts?
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    Thanks for the accent clarification, believe it or not you almost sounded like a Scot to me and I was sure you couldn't be.

    Just a couple of clarifications. If you are going to post on here you are going to get comments, fact of life. Perhaps I should have put a smiley after my "the pianist should be shot" as it was meant with a tongue rooted in my cheek, I cannot see that as demeaning, no matter how hard I try. That statement was more to make you smile (have you never said I could have Killed X in frustration), however if she has neglected to practice part of my exam I would be even more angry, so I will not be taking back any comments on her.

    As to your posture you asked for comments on what you were doing right as well as any criticism. If you look at my post I have a LOT of good to say about your playing and I've never heard of Pectus Excavatum so I have no idea how that affects you. I just saw somehting that I can see giving you future problems.

    You do seem to have missed the "Thanks Pal I enjoyed that". Which I can assure you is a genuine statement.

    I am sorry if I have inadvertantly caused you offense that is never my goal.

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    Sorry, cornyandy. :-( Yes, and thank you for your kind comments. :-)
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