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    Every one knows the answer, but does everyone know the stories behind?
    At one time, I was playing in a big band where all the rhythm section were continuous pipe smokers. Even on stage. The pianist sported a short straight pipe, the drummer one of these Sherlock Holmes type bent thingies, and the bass player carried one of those long German meerschaum affairs, an heirloom of his grandfather that reached almost down to his bass. Once, his hand got involved with the pipe... his answer? A longer bass strap... The rhythm guitar player cultivated his own tobacco and smoked a short clay home-made from 16th century patterns...
    A London fog was not so dense as the cloud hovering round the drumset... in fact, at one gig suddenly the attendant firemen rushed the stage, thinking something had been set on fire!
    All four of them passed away in their fifties or early sixties... RIP.
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    I often find myself working with young hipsters that smoke or "vape." I always ask them if they have ever seen a person go through the entire process of dying of lung cancer all the way from beginning to end. The answer is invariably "no." I'm not particularly afraid of dying, but given any choice in the matter I won't go like that. I've seen it too many times.

    The wife of a friend died of lung cancer about 6 months ago after a full year of agony and despair that included multiple chemotherapies, surgical removal of one lung, and other things to horrible to mention or contemplate. I'm probably repeating myself, but just don't do it.

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