Playing hard vs. an injury

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by rviser, Aug 3, 2010.

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    I don't have much to add that the guys above haven't already said, but I feel your pain. I spent three years in a 10-piece salsa band as the ONLY un-miked instrument. I'd be getting waves of sax and bone and percussion out of the monitors and absolutely nothing back from my sound except the delayed echoes off whatever far wall I was blowing into.

    As the others have said, the key for me was learning to back way off and play focused and with projection without playing too loud. Trumpets project really well, so use that to your advantage. I also broke down and bought my own clip-on bell mic and convinced the sound guy to pipe it through the monitors so I could at least hear myself. Once I got him to put a little through the speakers too, that also allowed me to back off even more and I could survive 3+ hour gigs a lot easier.

    I found that most sound guys for rock/funk/bar bands had ZERO experience mixing horns. They seemed to believe that since I could be heard without a mic, I didn't need one. It took the better part of those three years to convince the guys that it wasn't just about what the audience could hear, but what I could hear.

    Those two things made the biggest difference for me.

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    BINGO! We have a winner!
    I just love it when people read and actually try to apply the information and it works. Bravo! You're on your way!

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