Playing in front of classmates.

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    Nov 5, 2008
    You know what any one can tellyou the obvious and pee in your face!!! These types of people usualy hate themselfs and the world they live in. They are at every station in life from the bottom tot he top as talent and prospeirity has nothing to do with charcter. You see it on this very board often in fact from those in power but not always. It is easy to tear someone down a complete idiot can tear into some so pay these people almost no attention at all. Never be afraid to have charcter adn integrity and never be afraid of people that want to tear you down.

    The only time tearing a man or woman down is if you plan to build them up again better then they where before like what you see in the Military in Basic training. For the most part I just try to not tear people down unless they are real jerks and I lose control of myself which is said but it does happen. No one is perfect you too will slip up. When you do though be mindful of it apologise quickly and try not to go down that road again. Often when we are in a state of rage or feeling mean and spiteful it takes time to build. Usauly we are dwelling on something and letting our selfs fuel the fire of anger etc.... We can just as easily interup that train of thought and make the choice to take our mind and our heart down another road. It is not easy but the more you start doing this the more you change yourself for the better and the happier you will be in life. The last place youw ant to be isin the same boat with someone that does not love themself or respect themself or other's around them they tend to be shallow, mean and empty inside. Everything in their life is about the negatives and that my friend is not a place to live or even hang out for long if you can help it! You sound like a good young man and if you keep your head about you know and learn to use your mind and heart before you speak or act you will definately be a better man and human being then those that chose not to live life that way!!! If you prepare for this with your best practiceing and go out their and do your best youhonest best you should be proud no matter what the outcome!! This is class this is where mistakes can happen and you can try again the next day that is the point of learning and trying is to perfect your craft and that is what you are doing! Few people trully give 100% to anything but if you do that alone isit's own reward. Sometimes the work is just as much a reward or treat as the outcome! It is alla bout your perceptions of the world and how you chose to see a situation.

    That gray lump between your ear's can be a tool for greatness or defeat. How you think and speak shapes your version of reality and even your image of yourself! Think about that.You can shape your version of reality by how you choose to think, act and speak! So you do your best and learn to find joy and happiness where other's find sorrow,angst and bitterness. You are truly the master of your own ship your own captain if you take responcability for your actions, thoughts, emotions etc......People around us only have the power that we give them. Often in social setting we give other's access to our hearts and minds that really have no business being able to get that deep into or phychie!!! No one has power over you to even make you angry unless you give them that power! Ihope thismakes sense because few people would share this type of insight with a man of your age but I think you can keep up and should be armed with the truth of this world and how best to deal with those that would try to hold your heart and you dream hostage to simple minded thinking and belittlement! God Luck young man and bear in mind some times we have to fake it until we make it.....Meaning sometimes you have to act confident before the confidence comes! If you act like a sheep then that is how you will behave act like a wolf and in time that is what you will become!
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    There is NOTHING that you can do one week before a gig to turn around any aspect of your playing. If you don't have the endurance now, you have the wrong piece.

    The way most players get messed up is when they don't have their breathing organised. You need to mark EVERY SINGLE BREATHING POINT in your sheet music and then practice that. During a gig, if your breathing gets out of sync it is goodbye range and endurance. Breathing sensibly and predictably insures that your performance has a very good chance of being as good as the rehearsals.

    I also suggest exhaling first before breathing in. That tends to relax me and insures that I am filling up with FRESH air instead of piling only a little fresh on top of the stale air in my lungs.
  3. bigpapajosh

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    Aug 10, 2008
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    practice is good. but some people just get nervous anyways. i read somewhere if you eat a banana, it can help calm you down. i think it is the potassium. but it may be something else. ive never tried it myself not being one to get nervous.
  4. Artemisia

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    Jan 24, 2009
    Stick the trumpet up a mocker's arse - that's going to shut him/her up instantaneously! :evil:
  5. Bachstul

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    Jan 25, 2009
    When I play in front of 900 or so people. I psych up to convince myself they are all strangers, I have "no respect" for any of them out there, they can't intimidate me. There is a glass wall between them and myself,and I don't care if I crash a note because nobody's listening anyways. It's all me and my own ears I care about. It's cold, I know, but this false attitude in a temporary mind set helps me.

    You won't be all the talk of the town either way, whether you play perfect or not.
    You know all your mistakes. The crowd notices only ten percent of those mistakes.

    Don't practice it so much that you're sick of playing it; keep it new, play with your heart. To do that research what the song is all about and put yourself in it.

    Oh yea, about that high B, just play the low B you are comfortable with instead see how that sounds.
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    Don't let the audience in your "Zone" Only you and the music !! Allowing them in is counter productive. Your zone should be a 4 foot circle around you, nothing exists outside your zone while playing. Your zone is in your head, and you create it so you think about good trumpet form and not "OMG what are they thinking" . You will have plenty of time with your audience after your done but while your playing they don't exist. Hope this helps !

  7. Al Innella

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    Aug 9, 2007
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    Concentrate on relaxed deep breathing,if you play video games you know what being in the zone means, you block everything else out of your mind, do the same thing when getting up to play your solo, get in the zone.
  8. ltg_trumpet

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    Jan 21, 2009
    yea i gotta agree with hog horn, find your zone, however, in your subconscience you know your playing in fron of people... surprisingly enough, the butterflies in your stomach can be turned into useful energy, considering that that is adrenaline pumping, but you need to be carful, cuz when your in that rush, you just want to go fast, so make sure not to rush...
    also, rowuk is totaly right, dont change your practicing style now, or anything about your horn for that matter, cuz when you do that then your out of the loop, so just be careful and have fun, cuz in the end, thats what it should be about....
  9. GoodMusic@PA

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    Aug 7, 2008
    Practice for the endurance.
    Practice to play it right.
    Practice to hit the note.
    Concentrate not to get nervous, get lost in the music, you're the only one playing so you can be rubato about it, you don't have to follow any tempos or conducting. It's only you! I've had to do this before, if you don't think about anything and get lost in the music, it will really help.
    Your class----->:grouphug::play:<---- you

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