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  1. Ed Lee

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    Aug 16, 2009
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    I'm here Alex. To clarify, I really enjoy seeing and hearing street musicians and am willing to pay for the privilege. Here in the U.S., if one wishes to perform copyrighted music for more than their family and close
    friends, pursuant to the copyright law, Title 17, United States Code (as is published on the internet), the player or the organization he plays for must secure a copyright license for each song they play. The agencies, ASCAP and BMI, may grant annual licenses as cover all the music THEIR members copyright.

    I just released a limited edition CD ( just 50 CDs) that has just 10 copyrighted songs. For such, I had to pay ASCAP nearly $190.00.
    I normally compliment or give 10 CDs FREE, so if one does the math, just to recover this, my CD must sell for more than $4.75, but with production costs included it sells for $8.45 (with NC sales tax that's $9.00 even).
    This is a brass instrumental with a song by the Beegees, one by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and one by Richard Rodgers (the lyricist of this last was Oscar Hammerstein II, but no one sings on my CDs).

    In summary, the cost of solo public performance is HIGH! Pay the price or get hired by a band / orchestra / or venue that has license.
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    May 30, 2010
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    Thanks ,Ed.

    It turns out Stanford's law school has a bunch of "fair" and "unfair" use examples online.

    It turns out Weird Al Yankovic actually asks the original artist before he parodies a song. Some say no. Most say yes, after all, he's the musical genius of our age. It'd be like turning down Mozart.

    As mentioned there are a ton of public-domain Xmas carols, that I can play. There's a ton of public-domain music. A catch can be, a song can be public-domain but a particular arrangement of is can be copyrighted.

    In the end, if we're making money with music and it's copyrighted, the copyright holder deserves their portion. Property rights are at the core of our civilization. As an example, being a lousy author would not justify my using better authors' work to make money without making some agreement with them.

    Ed, have you composed anything that you've registered with ASCAP?
  3. Ed Lee

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Jackson NC
    The direct answer is NO, as also inclusive of BMI.

    Christmas carols ... I've my very second CD produced in my comeback in 2006 as is my The Christmas Collection containing 23 songs as are public domain. Actually, there are 26 presentations, but I play Handel's Hallelujah Chorus both in D Major and E flat and another as a solo and trio, and another as solo and full brass. At my flea market folding card tables, I've sold over 200 of these to help fund my dental restoration. In addition I've my own arrangement and separate single CD of Jingle Bells that could have been copyrighted, but I didn't, that has sold as many if not more. The latter has harness bells produced by mixed horns, not the "tin" version the drummer has. On the farm during WWII, I heard the real thing as I rode to church in a real horse drawn sleigh. In the works is proposed release of only 100 CDs of A Christmas Brass Performance CD that mixes 14 copyrighted songs with 12 public domain songs. This Christmas ????
    The estate of Johnny Marks will just have to wait for the few pennies of royalty. For trivia, how many knew that he was a son in law of Irving Berlin.
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    .... or Ed, perhaps a long lost (and poorly spelt) 'Marks', brother. :lol: (I shouldn't have gone there I suppose - it was just such an invitation).
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    Jul 29, 2009
    By the way does anyone know who the heck played those beautiful trumpet solos in the Clint Eastwood cowboy movies? The openings to those movies impress the heck out of me and another one was Bert Kempret in Wonderland By Night. I know those are not the most technical or sophisticated works but I simply loved those performances.
  6. Ed Lee

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Jackson NC
    Not a chance that Johnny was related to Groucho et al. I'll just be "Rockin' " this Xmas ... really in a rocking chair.

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