Playing trumpet left-handed

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by ComeBackKid, Jan 11, 2010.

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    I am also left handed. Occasionally in high school I would play with my left hand, but no one really cares if you do or not lol there are some trumpets/companies that can outfit for a left-handed player on request, and HornTrader currently has a modular Old's Pinto trumpet that could be re-configured for lefty playing, Dillons has a Shuman Angel where you can move the bell to the other side, and with no slide rings or things to move the slide, there's no reason to worry about intonation through slide manipulation anyway! lol

    There was a time when I thought to switch to French Horn or Trombone because I prefer the darker sound to the typical high school trumpet sound, then I came to the realization that I basically was playing trombone when I moved my tuning slides to change the pitch, so it's almost like playing two instruments at once, or twelve differently keyed trumpets, whichever lol That's the way I see it anyway
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    Hem... I wanted to insert directly the picture, it remains only the link. I'll do better next time ?
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    Here we are ! You have to tilt your head, sorry !
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    Can I turn the laptop? ROFL
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    A talented repair tech could reverse the position of the bell and leadpipe assembly. It would be a breeze with the Buescher pictured above. I once soldered a pinky hook and thumb ring on top of the bell for a one-handed lefty player.

    The kid should just learn to play normally, or play French horn.
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    My son is left-handed. We never tried forcing him to become right-hand, but did experiment, handing him spoons and toys and such. He would either directly grab it with his left or transfer it to his left hand. We let him be.

    The mechanics of pushing valves down and letting them come up are nothing compared to writing, for example, and that is where dominance really comes to play, in fine motor control and with the trumpet it comes mostly from our mind and face.

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