Playing when Sick

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lakerjazz, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Simple - BLOW don't suck.
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    Hi, guys!

    Musically busy as my wife and I are, we generally can't take time off from our rehearsal and performance schedule for common illnesses such as colds and other upper respiratory illnesses.

    If I'm really feeling sick, I try to avoid playing too hard. My concern is for blowing infection deeper into my lungs or up into my sinus cavities. I'll take high parts down an octave, or lay out completely to avoid the high internal air pressures that would spread the infection through my system.

    I don't generally clean my horns after an illness, but I DO clean my mouthpieces to prevent reinfection. I don't share horns or mouthpices very often so transmission of disease to others is not really an issue. If I do share a mouthpiece I'll wash it off with soap and water in the men's room pior to sharing.

    Hope this helps!

    Guy Clark

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