Please take your problems to the supplier first

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpetsplus, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. trumpetsplus

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    Jun 11, 2006
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    I am concerned about threads which come up from time to time talking about problems with manufacturers/repairers/teachers etc. where there is no mention of any discussion with the supplier/manufacturer to resolve the issue. The latest one concerns a trim kit negatively affecting the alignment of the valves.

    Misunderstandings and mistakes happen all the time. A test of a company is how well there are able to fix these.

    I would be very upset if someone came to this forum to complain about issues with my instruments if I had not first been given a chance to address them. If you bought a car which had problems, wouldn't you go to the dealership first?

    It would be great to read descriptions in this forum of how issues were resolved.
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    Ditto,I agree with Ya 100%.
  3. Trumpet Dreamer

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    Rest assured, if the issue is determined to be a problem (which it has not), everyone here will be the first to learn of the remedy.

    This is why I chose do in depth research on this forum before contacting other sources, including the manufacturer. Plus, there is a lengthy wait time involved. My interest was saving time and headache for myself and the source of the kit if the issue was not of any real consequence, which it is not, based on the feedback I have received.

    Avoiding additional shipping was a desire of mine as well since a company (what can Brown do for you?) just lost a set of expensive custom finger buttons being returned from Anderson.

    At no time was any manufacturer harmed. In fact, I praised the manufacturer. The company in question is first rate, a pleasure to work with, very fair in pricing, and produces world class products.
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  4. lmf

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    I agree with you!

    If the matter isn't dealt with fairly - then go elsewhere!

    Best wishes,

  5. Solar Bell

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  6. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I am not sure that all of the problems listed here are true. I am convinced from the content of some of the complaints that they are pure bull and only serve to up the post count.

    Skills in dealing with issues requires integrity and common sense from both sides of the issue. Those are getting harder and harder to find these days. If a crazy customer raises hell with a manufacturer or dealer, there may be no issue at all (other than attitude) - but the whining comes here. eBay is a great example where expectations and reality collide.
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  7. Trumpet Dreamer

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    Aug 14, 2010
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    Since this is a respectable forum, and I am a relatively new (9 mo.) trumpet player, seeking advice here is the first choice of action and has been very helpful in the past.

    This issue was not known to be a problem to me, thus the original post. Manufacturers are busy and sometimes take awhile to respond, whereas response here is often times immediate, accurate and very much appreciated.

    Perhaps I can speak for the majority of the members here with the statement of a goal: To simply learn as much as possible about trumpets and trumpet playing. Nothing more, nothing less. I have no interest in post count, and would guess that few of us do.

    There are times when seeking advice from an educated membership vs. simply contacting a manufacturers rep is time effective and will provide the desired result.

    Thanks to the info gleaned here on the original question posed, there is no need to proceed further as there is no real problem from a practical standpoint. And my sincere thanks to everyone for providing guidance and wisdom!

    And with that, I would encourage anyone who has a legitimate question to come here first in seeking an answer.
  8. mgcoleman

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    Jun 22, 2010
    When it comes to third-party trim kits in particular, I don't think the manufacturer of the instrument has a responsibility to make it right. The manufacturer has engineered the instrument to certain specs and tolerances, but that hardly means a player can slap any third-party trim kit or other accessory on it, experience problems and then reasonably expect the manufacturer of the instrument to fix the problem. It is similar to people who put incredibly over-sized tires on trucks, get nailed for speeding and then try to claim the fault lies with the vehicle's manufacturer for the speedometer being off several mph.
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    There are always a few insecure egos, inadequate social rejects with nothing better to do than stir controversy with a massive, dirty-nailed finger, then sit back and watch the reaction. The posts from these people are obvious enough. Just ignore them and don't feed the monster.
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    +1 :thumbsup:

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