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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpet 101, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. trumpet 101

    trumpet 101 Pianissimo User

    Jan 8, 2009
    Here is my problem:

    i have a bad trumpet, realy. my whole section says it sucks, they've played it and wont pick it up, the first chair trumpet player in 12 grade wont even pick it up, and he lets me use his in lessons because he doesnt want me playing on it. By the way: Its an early 70's Getzen Capri that has had its amado water keys soldered back on from when my aunt used to play, its had a brace resoldered, and 3 bell re-hammerings, two from when my aunt dropped it in the past and one from when i dropped it in 7th grade.
  2. Puffy A

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    Jun 21, 2006
    Dylan is right. Even if you think is looks a little rough, just keep making it sound the best that you can. Play it because you love playing, not because others are judging your gear. I enjoy older Getzens quite a bit. At some point you may actually need another horn. Until then work hard at what you do and make it sound great.

    Puffy A
  3. RB-R37297

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    Mar 12, 2009
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Don't be so concerned with what your section thinks of it. It may be unattractive to look at. So what? Who really cares how it looks in the long run? Don't worry about that as much as how it sounds. If you really sound THAT much worse on that horn than on your section leader's horn then maybe it is time to look at a new horn, but it's probably not that bad. Instead, work on making it sound better through what you do on it. Most of the time it's not the plane, it's the pilot that's flying it badly. I've got 3rd chair right now in my province's Honour Band and I'm playing on a student model Getzen 300 Series trumpet. I placed ahead of four people playing on Xenos and Strads - the rest were on student horns like mine. The horn does not make the player play well; the player makes the horn play well. If this is really bothering you, then get a second opinion from a private teacher or your band director, but for now just keep working on refining your sound.

    Oh, and for what it's worth, I think your section leader's being a jackass. That sort of conduct from a section leader is pretty despicable, regardless of how well they play.
  4. trumpet 101

    trumpet 101 Pianissimo User

    Jan 8, 2009
    thanks everyone! but i have been trying to get a new trumpet for a while now, i do play much better on other trumpets then my own. RB-R37397, he realy does care about the section and my playing, he is my private teacher too. i dont think he was being a "jackass", i think he was expressing his opinion about my instrument, thats just how he is, he cuts straight to the point and isnt afraid to say what he thinks. but its a matter of interpretation i suppose..
  5. RB-R37297

    RB-R37297 Pianissimo User

    Mar 12, 2009
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    I see. Well, I'm not going to lie, I do know how you feel a little bit in that area - I was fortunate enough to borrow a Yamaha Xeno from a friend of mine for a two week period last month and it was better than my horn in almost every conceivable way. However, people don't think I'm a slouch on my Getzen either, which is reassuring.

    I didn't quite understand that he was your private teacher too. I suppose that changes things a little bit. Either way, it seemed to me like he was being a little bit too hard on your equipment what with insisting that you not play your own horn in lessons. I know my horn isn't anything really special and probably hinders my abilities in the long run, but my teacher never tells me (and never would tell me) to play her horn instead. That lack of tact seems a little bit "jackass-ly" to me, but I might be jumping the gun on that one. I apologize.
  6. ExtraTeeth

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    Nov 13, 2008
    Perth, Western Australia
    It sounds like your horn has had a harder life than any instrument deserves. There could actually be something wrong with it. An air leak from a water key or a small crack will do horrible things to playability.
    However you don't 'need' a Strad or a Xeno to learn to play at high school level any more than you 'need' a Ferrari to learn to drive.
    I've never come across a horn from a major reputable maker that is so bad it could hinder your development. Conversely, I've never seen a horn so 'good' that it will compensate for the player's inadequacies.
  7. rowuk

    rowuk Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    this is a REAL tough situation. I can really sympathize with you. Even if your horn plays OK, you really don't get a fair shot because of the "external opinions" that criticize but offer no solution other than spending money. This is my most major criticism of the modern world: Problem-throw money at it and everything gets better. No money means suffer.

    In real musical life, this does not have to be true. In your case, I would find somebody artistic and have them paint your horn. Make it really cool. Those goons with more eyes than ears will really appreciate the "improved sound" optically.

    At the same time, save your money and as soon as you get a couple of hundred bucks together, post what you are looking for in the vintage instrument forum. The TMers there are really plugged into what is available.
  8. Markie

    Markie Forte User

    Jan 4, 2009
    Clarksburg, WV
    Have you thought of getting it refurbished? If your local music store can do it cheap, you might want to check it out. I had a Bach Strad that I purchased that looked absolutley awful. I was shocked when I got it back. It was beautiful.
    If you do go for refurbishing, make sure the process doesn't cost more than the horn.
  9. TrumpetMD

    TrumpetMD Fortissimo User

    Oct 22, 2008
    I play on a beat up Bach Stradivarius from 1974 with a light weight 43 bell. I've been looking for a replacement trumpet. But the longer I wait, the more I like the "character" of my older trumpet (even though I may sound better on other equipment).

    Why doesn't your teacher let you play your horn at lessons? If it's because it doesn't work properly, then it's nice that he lets you use his. However, if it's mainly because it's beat up, I'd get another teacher. He may be the first chair, but he's got a lot of growing up to do.
  10. gglassmeyer

    gglassmeyer Piano User

    Apr 28, 2006
    Cincinnati, OH
    I'm with ExtraTeeth on this one. I'd check for an air leak somewhere in the water key patching. I had a very small crack on the 1st vavle slide where it bends away from the first valve. It really made my horn play like crap. fortunately it facing my right hand and I felt some air escaping and realized it was cracked. Took it to the shop for a patch and it sounded fine again.

    one of my classmates in high school, used to play a Capri about the same vintage as yours and it was a fine trumpet. he was the only one with a silver horn and we all loved that horn.

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